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Does anyone else own a brush biter?

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ChuffMuffin Sat 31-Jan-15 17:30:21

Chuffpup is 14 weeks old on Tuesday and is a long haired GSD x possible Husky, so she needs brushing at least once a day. Rubber slickers do absolutely nothing to her coat so i use a brush that looks similar but has fine metal teeth, not sure what it's called but it was from Wilkos!

Anyway she really likes being brushed and she closes her eyes zones out while you're brushing her.. unless she catches sight of the brush itself, or maybe its my movement, then it's game over (or probably the start of a great game to her!). She'll stand up to try to grab and bite the brush every time it goes near her. As she weighs 11 ish kg and is flipping long it's hard to stop her!

She's a really good girl apart from this and very clever, and not being brushed is absolutely not an option! She's exactly the same with the other combs I use too. Does anyone have any tips please? Thank you! smile

MostAmused Sun 01-Feb-15 15:43:08

Our GSD cross pup is the same. He couldn't seem to care less about being brushed or not but he is short haired so not a big issue. But if he does show an interest in the brush I show him a tasty treat and tell him to wait. He'll focus on the treat and let me finish then he gets the treat. I do something similar with the towel when he's wet as well otherwise it becomes a messy tug of war!

flanjabelle Sun 01-Feb-15 15:56:57

My dearly departed golden retriever was an awful brush biter. We gave her a spare brush to chew on while grooming her.

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