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Doggy behaviourists, help!

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poorincashrichinlove Sat 31-Jan-15 16:49:06

I'm looking after a friend's Chihuahua for a few weeks, but my friend is keen to make it a long term/permanent arrangement. The dog is rather lovely and does seem happier living with us but she poos and wees in the house and I can't stand it.

A bit of background. My friend bought the dog from someone who couldn't keep her when the dog was about 8 months old. She is tiny (even for a Chihuahua) and settled in quite well until my friend bought a Chihuahua puppy as a companion for her. The pup is a more dominant character and bullied her a bit. She became quite withdrawn and looked quite depressed, actually, My friend's health isn't good so I agreed to take the dog to spoil her a bit and see how it goes.

She's loving the attention and fuss she gets in our house and she's gaining in confidence. However, when she's been left on her own for a couple of hours (no more), she's taken to doing 'revenge poos' upon our return. Does anyone have any tips that would eliminate this deal-breaking behaviour?

Nearasdammit Sat 31-Jan-15 16:59:53

A proper behaviourist like Muttynutty will probably be along shortly but to begin with:

Dogs do NOT do "revenge poos".

Queenofknickers Sat 31-Jan-15 17:05:13

I'm not an expert at all but it could be separation anxiety. Does she have distractions while you're out eg a kong etc?

poorincashrichinlove Sat 31-Jan-15 17:55:27

I think you might be right about separation anxiety, but she poos after we get home?

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