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Not so dear daughter has buggered up recall, help please

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Itsgoingtoreindeer Wed 28-Jan-15 08:47:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Kissesgingers Wed 28-Jan-15 09:39:04

I have no answers but my kids did the same with bringing back the ball, spent so long fighting over whose turn it was, pup got bored and went off with the ball. It lasted a couple of days but seems to have been forgotten! Perhaps a long line so pup can bounce about 5 to 10 metres away?

EasyToEatTiger Wed 28-Jan-15 10:57:53

Grrrrrr!!! It's so annoying when kids do that! You will get pup back under control before long. It's a blip and a learning curve for your (d)d. Is your dd old enough to do a bit of training with the pup supervised by you? You'll get there. My dcs do the same sort of thing. It's really annoying. You'll get there!

Floralnomad Wed 28-Jan-15 11:03:52

I wouldn't entirely blame your dd ( although it won't have helped) ,pups do go through phases of being a pain . One thing I would say is don't give the treat until after you have hold of the dog and the other is call back for treats , hold collar / harness give treat and then let go again that way the pup doesn't know if it's end of walk or just treat time . Try a harness and longline attached and that way you can stand on the line if pup won't come close enough to get hold of her .

YourBubzYourRulzHun Wed 28-Jan-15 11:09:19

Pups can go that way at that age, my Labrador puppy had good recall and then as he got older he went through a stage of pissing about and he would come close to me and then run off before I could catch him. I wanted to kill the little fucker. Thankfully he grew out of it and will come back every time now.

Notsoskinnyminny Wed 28-Jan-15 18:55:15

Mine could be willful and I still make sure I've got treats, The trick for us is to grab her harness before giving her anything but as she's got older she comes back 90% of the time, the 10% failure rate is due to the stupid human not realising smelling the farmer's spread muck on his field and a roll in that is miles better than a bit of sausage.

Kids and pups don't mix, we'd been working on down-stay for her bronze award and were upto a minute until she came into season and they thought it'd be good to teach her to do tricks until it was time to go back to training class. She never returned as they replaced the down-stay with rolypolys the length of the kitchen grin But they carried on teaching her and she can now do spread-em and then dies slowly when we say bang grin

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