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Dogs season when does it happen and how to prepare

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natureplantar101 Wed 28-Jan-15 02:17:01

Picking up our rescue dog next week grin she is gorgeous and as excited as we are only problem is she's female and we have only had male dogs growing up as kids. what time of year and month do they go into season how long for and how do i keep her clean and happy during this time ? also looking at getting her spayed so she doesn't go into season again not sure of the cost of this though if anyone can shed some light on that too please smile tia

happychappy Wed 28-Jan-15 03:18:30

All depends, ours used to go into season every six monthsish. She didn't bleed much. My friends did. Ask your vet when you take her to them or call. vets all charge differently. If you aren't going to have puppies the vet will probably advice to have her spayed as avoids some fatal viruses and is generally healthier for her. Have you got a vet in mind. I found the quality and cost vary greatly so would ask around for recommendations if haven't got a vet.

TeamSteady Wed 28-Jan-15 11:14:46

Have a look and this FAQ written by someone involved in my breed.

natureplantar101 Wed 28-Jan-15 13:58:21

So according to that she'll go into season when she wants too grin thats going to be fun

natureplantar101 Wed 28-Jan-15 13:59:36

Also she already has a vet and microchip so that just needs changing into our details going to take her in on a day off and get it all done will ask about spaying her too

Buttholelane Wed 28-Jan-15 14:18:26

Mine goes in season once a year.

As she bleeds very little for a fairly large dog it's relatively easy to cope with, just keep wiping up the drops off the floor (we have wood flooring) and keep washing the sofa throws....

I have enquired about spaying her, I think from memory I was quoted just under £300 for a 15kg border collie.

natureplantar101 Wed 28-Jan-15 17:28:38

My girl is an American Staffie short and plump but she has some serious muscle power will wait until the pet insurance kicks in and get her booked in then smile if it means she can walk outside without been harrased by other dogs and she doesn't bleed then its worth £300

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