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Ways to exercise a dog at home

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Viewofthehills Tue 27-Jan-15 10:59:51

I'm on crutches and can't drive at the moment or for at least another 4 weeks so my year old DDog is only getting walked by my daughter on the field next to our house on weekdays (quick walk mornings, half hour evenings) Only on lead as DD is only 9 and i don't think it would be fair to give her responsibility with the dog off lead. Our dog trainer has been giving her a good hour once a week, but I am thoroughly put off other dog walkers after reading on here and because of the number of dogs i see walkers take out around here as well as the lack of care for their charges. I do also have a friend who takes her out on occasion.

I have been doing lots of basic training with her with good results, but she is finding it easy now and it is not tiring her out, plus hiding treats for her to find, throwing balls from the back door etc.

I was wondering whether I could start a bit of agility type stuff at home with her and what would be the best place to start. I think DD would love this too, but I'm open to any other ideas too! The silver lining is that I have a lot more time than usual smile Thanks.

GemmaTeller Tue 27-Jan-15 11:03:34

When DSD was younger she used to set out the garden chairs in an 'agility type' course round the garden and use the brush/rake/bamboo poles across the chairs for the dog to jump over.

MostAmused Tue 27-Jan-15 11:19:12

Have you tried hide and seek? This tires Dpup out at home and out and about. I think it probably improves recall too.

You hold or distract Ddog while your dd goes and hides then she calls him to her once. Then he has to find her. After she's called once she should make noises every now and then to help him find her. When he does he gets a treat or a cuddle etc. If he's really good she can just try with the single initial recall and then keep quiet till he finds her.
Even hiding behind an open door seems to be enough to have Dpup running around for a good 5 minutes sometimes!

Also this might be good brain excercise and you can change the trigger for the reward each time so your dog has to work out how to get it this time. I've not tried it as Dpup just chews boxes but it might be worth a try.

100 things to do with a box

Viewofthehills Tue 27-Jan-15 11:41:21

Hide and seek is good. We haven't done that for a little while. Like the box thing too. Our patio furniture is a bit cumbersome for Dd to move so I might buy something for her to use.

Bubble2bubble Tue 27-Jan-15 11:45:49

It's not exercise, but mentally tiring: Sprinkles

I do it with a tin of sardines or tuna, sometimes mixed with Parmesan for extra smelliness and it can keep them busy for 30-40 minutes easily

Buttholelane Tue 27-Jan-15 16:06:49

Good at retrieving?
When I did my ankle in I taught the dog to retrieve all sorts of stuff - keys, phone, different toys, newspaper etc.

Viewofthehills Tue 27-Jan-15 16:22:13

Sprinkles is a bit tricky as I only have a small area of grass fenced in and that is her toilet area. Big area of paving though. Would it work on that?
I am working on her retrieval by getting her to return balls to me in the house for cheese. Outside she just leaves them under the tree or parades around with them wagging her tail where I cant reach her.
Let's say she's still a work in progress- a bit giddy and very quick to suss I am much slower than usual!

SomewhereIBelong Tue 27-Jan-15 16:25:43

A torch is great for our little Westie - he will follow the light for a good half an hour!! up and down the living room, round and round the chair.

Bubble2bubble Tue 27-Jan-15 17:41:18

I think sprinkles needs be on grass unfortunately otherwise it's not a challenge sad

Viewofthehills Tue 27-Jan-15 18:47:04

Have got a bit of grass where I could do it with a long lead and me sit on a bench. Might just wait til it's a bit warmer! Thanks Bubbles!

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