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Help me convince DH

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SteveBrucesNose Tue 20-Jan-15 10:28:27

The rescue centre we got BoyDog and GirlDog from has 2 more dalmatians needing adopting.

He wants to go up there and see how our two get along with them with a view to bringing them home.

I say this is stupid.

DHs Arguments for:
They're gorgeous.
BoyDog is seriously poorly and GirlDog will need a companion when we lose him, so why not another pair of spotties, and get them before we lose him so that she doesn't see the new dog as his 'replacement'
The house is plenty big enough
They are never left alone any more
Money not an issue for vets/food etc
We have experience with how needy dalmatians can be with their exercise and genetic conditions and very special diets, and if they go elsewhere they may not be le as well as we could look after them - we know we can give them a good home.
We also get lots of people wanting to buy ours off us for the status of them - they're rare over here and very desirable. Therefore very possibly going to end up with people who may not understand just how difficult they are and one is actually called pongo so likely to get millions of children begging their parents for him

My Arguments against:
4 spotty dogs! I already get called Cruella with only 2!
Walkies would be a pain - always at least 2 of us needed
Additional food/vets/boarding costs could be better spent, even though we have it available
They're only 2 years old - our old git spotties are lively enough

Am I being unreasonable? Or do I need additional spotty dogs in my life and I just don't realise it yet?

Chattymummyhere Tue 20-Jan-15 10:53:56

Meet them first. They might be the most laid back spotties or they could be very bouncy.

There is also a chance the dogs won't get on. Go with an open mind meet the dogs make sure you then go home again to talk it over.

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