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How can I protect my cat from my sister's puppy?

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AWholeLottaNosy Sun 18-Jan-15 12:16:59

My older sister has recently got a cockapoo puppy. I currently live in my parents' old home which I moved into to care for my dad as he had dementia. He's now in a care home. She comes up every 4-6 weeks to visit him and will now be bringing this dog with her for the weekend.

However I have a cat. It's a very timid thing, will often run and hide if there is a new person in the house. I know it's going to be terrified by the dog and I don't know what to do. I spoke to my sister and she just said 'oh well' and laughed.

Any ideas as to how to protect my cat? Will puppy automatically attack it/ chase it?

basildonbond Sun 18-Jan-15 12:34:49

The puppy won't automatically attack it but if the cats runs it will almost certainly chase it in play (but it won't feel like playing to the cat...)
IIWY I'd make the cat's favourite spots out of bounds to the puppy - our dog is not allowed upstairs so if the cats want some peace and quiet they can get away. You could also get a feliway infuser as that can help keep your cat calm

Once dogs and cats have got each other sussed out it's almost always the cat who's firmly in charge but it can take a while for some timid cats to realise that if they stand their ground and give the puppy a death stare it won't dare come near ...

VivaLeBeaver Sun 18-Jan-15 12:50:37

My advice would be to introduce them in a closed room so cat can't run. Obviously have puppy on a lead. Anytime he looks at the cat, tries to get to the cat he's firmly told no and pulled back.

paxtecum Sun 18-Jan-15 12:52:44

Hmmm, my experience of dogs and cats has been the cat attacking the dog who just wants to play.

FuckyNell Sun 18-Jan-15 12:56:40

I'd let them get on with it. The cat will show it whose boss I'm sure.

Well, that's my experience anyway. My cat once hung off the nose of a friends dog when it wouldn't stop annoying him. The dog never went near the car again ��

FuckyNell Sun 18-Jan-15 12:56:53


Lilcamper Sun 18-Jan-15 14:09:12

Alternatively every time the pup looks at the cat he gets a reward so that he doesn't start building negative associations and start to believe the cat is a bad thing that needs to be seen off.

Make sure the cat has an escape route like a stairgate that can be breached but the pup can't follow.

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