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New whippet pup...first day at home

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higherhill Sat 17-Jan-15 17:25:09

So he has had a bit of food wandered around for a bit, slept and then slept some more.He has a few little poos on newspaper in his crate, wondering if I should be trying to get him to relieve himself outside, but it's so freezing cold and snowy.

awfulomission Sat 17-Jan-15 17:46:39

Ahhhhh, no advice just cooing here. What a cutie. smile

LoathsomeDrab Sat 17-Jan-15 17:46:59


I always start as I mean to go on and that means going outside, regardless of the weather. My last two whippets were both winter puppies (both came home early January) and they've always gone straight outside. If you use pads or newspaper you're just making more work for yourself as you're teaching them it's ok to go indoors.

I've found that they actually tend to be a bit less wimpy when they're puppies than they are as adults. My youngest is now just over a year old and it's not that long since he started really objecting to going outside when the weather is bad.

emmelinelucas Sat 17-Jan-15 17:48:21

Oh he is so gorgeous ! It is his first day. Take him out in the morning, then he starts with housetraining.
Tonight..I would just let him settle in a bit. The mess is not so bad at that age.

emmelinelucas Sat 17-Jan-15 17:55:56

Loathsome is right, but when those spindly little legs shiver in the cold...
actually, he will shiver in the morning (it's still freezing)
I take it back, out for a wee before bedtime.

higherhill Sat 17-Jan-15 18:52:54

Yes yes, you're all right I will start tomorrow morning. Outside he goes. Poor lamb.

farmlass Sat 17-Jan-15 18:56:41

I found it far easier training pups in cold winter weather as once they get the idea of squatting they know they can get in again!best results in a freezing three weeks in January with a mad spaniel

LoathsomeDrab Sat 17-Jan-15 19:03:12

Totally agree Farmlass! Our first whippet was a summer pup and once he worked out he could ask to go out he was forever doing it just to go romp around on the lawn and it was a nightmare to get him back inside. Much easier when it's cold and they want to get back inside as quickly as possible grin

Itsgoingtoreindeer Sat 17-Jan-15 23:36:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Itsgoingtoreindeer Sat 17-Jan-15 23:37:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

QueenQueenie Sun 18-Jan-15 00:00:20


higherhill Sun 18-Jan-15 09:33:21

Dh tried him outside before bed, and he performed brilliantly, so has done a few wees and poos outside now, I am amazed he got it straight away, what a clever pup!!Those poor shaky legs! Also did'nt hear a peep from him until6.15 this morning. Is it this easy or is he lulling me into a false sense of security? Kids are insisting we call him Stan....mmmm ...

BallyGoBackwards Sun 18-Jan-15 13:51:44

Higherhill...we had our first night last night too. Our little lad cried his eyes out once he was in crate and lights went out. I even left a little light on for him. I gave him an hour alone and then I ended up on couch in kitchen keeping him company. I too had put training pads in the crate but am thinking it was wrong.

I am a nutter. Will be alot tougher tonight (hopefully)

Aked Sun 18-Jan-15 14:32:06

Stan is an excellent name smile He is super cute.

LoathsomeDrab Sun 18-Jan-15 14:59:45

Is it this easy or is he lulling me into a false sense of security?

Definitely lulling you into a false sense of security. Give him a day or two to settle down......... wink

Have the evening wall of death zoomies started yet?

PUGaLUGS Sun 18-Jan-15 15:02:19

Stan is a bloody fabulous name! grin

He is gorgeous!

MollyMaDurga Sun 18-Jan-15 15:07:32

ooooh, no advice, I'm just here to cooo... Lovely boy, whippet pups are so adorable!
And I am wus, I would not be able to crate such a little baby.. he needs to be warm in bed with you!

CMOTDibbler Sun 18-Jan-15 18:11:27

Stan is a fab name. One of the dogs we meet regularly in the park has a similarly sort of old fashioned name. Alas the owners child is also old fashioned name (think Stan and Bob sort of thing) and I can never remember which is which blush

Andante57 Sun 18-Jan-15 18:14:14

What a gorgeous puppy. Whippets are the best!!!!!!!

higherhill Mon 19-Jan-15 11:11:38

So last night was different kettle of fish altogether, he yipped and yapped off and on all night, I finally threw the towel in at 5.15 and went down to him. he had piddle outside, turned his nose up and any food and promptly dived into a deep sleep on my lap on settee.Am going to be trying a bit of raw food at lunchtime, see what he thinks to that. feel drained already!!!

BallyGoBackwards Mon 19-Jan-15 20:03:37

Glad I am not the only one higherhill. I swear I will not sit on sofa tonight!!! I put a hot water bottle today and he seemed alot happier with that so I am keeping my fingers crossed for tonight. smile

Silverjohnleggedit Tue 20-Jan-15 08:10:11

Dpup was an angel for the first couple of weeks, then we had biting, zooming, thieving....but toilet training was a breeze....hopefully it's a whippet thing!

higherhill Tue 20-Jan-15 16:25:33

Was a lot better last night. I set the washing machine going which is near his crate, and I think the noise was a bit of a soothing distraction for him. Also left Radio 2 playing for him when I nipped out on school run...taking things too far?
Bally...yes just try and leave him tonight, he will survive. Is he eating plenty?
My little man has swapped over to raw meat and is turning into a real little savage when his bowl goes down.

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