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Barking and running

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apricot72 Sat 17-Jan-15 11:59:44

Can anybody give me any suggestions about my collie who gets very overexcited when I run with her and at times will bark or yelp almost constantly at me. She's 5 and a lovely sweet dog but her barking habit is getting very wearing and ear destroying and making running with her a chore not a pleasure. She will bark as well on a walk but settles down fairly quickly and we also do a lot of balls / frisbees etc on walks which she loves.

I have tried stopping and standing still and ignoring her when she barks and then starting again when she stops and after a bit this sometimes sort of works but it's not great for my running and I can't really do it when I'm running with other people. I've done a bit of clicker training to try and reward her when she's running quietly at heel but it's really hard to run and treat and she then also gets quite excited when you break rhythm.

She's definitely worse when it's a bit windy and wild (like it was today) or if I run with both dogs (the other one is also a collie who has her own running issues but that's another thread!). She's the same whether she's on the lead or off. She runs better with my husband who will just say a firm 'no' but she ignores me if I do that and in fact the more I respond to her the worse she gets, presumably thinking it's part of the game.

I'm so frustrated, help!

crapcrapcrapcarp Sat 17-Jan-15 16:23:04

Barking is a tricky one because it makes dogs feel great. They love the sound of their own voice smile

I think you're doing all the right things - it's a lot like pulling on the lead in that you need to stop every single time, so it can be slow progress.

Would she carry something? Are there any canicross groups near you (if you can't beat them ...!)?

apricot72 Sat 17-Jan-15 20:57:57

Thanks, it's good to know that the stop start thing is along the right lines. She loves carrying balls... and then dropping them and waiting for them to be thrown so that would also be a bit unhelpful on a run!

I think Canicross would be a whole world of over-excitement for her, plus she is very reactive to other dogs when she's on the lead - we tend to run in the middle of nowhere with as few distractions as possible....

But all suggestions are v welcome!

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