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Can you recommend an insurer?

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MindReader Fri 16-Jan-15 14:49:05

I need to insure a 5 yr old Basset I have taken on.

Can anyone recommend an insurer?

She has a dodgy eye but Vet says she is fit apart from that.

(I used Pet Plan a decade ago for my spaniel but they were ruinously expensive)

Isthatwhatdemonsdo Fri 16-Jan-15 15:28:49

I use Pet Pals. Or Paws and Claws was £43 for the year for my pedigree lab.

MindReader Fri 16-Jan-15 17:27:45

Just tried Paws and claws: £35 per month for 5 yr old basset. Eeek.
Off to look at 'Go Compare' smile

ggirl Fri 16-Jan-15 17:32:12

£43 for a year?!?!?

NiceCupOfTeaAndALittleSitDown Fri 16-Jan-15 17:35:02

Try E&L. Our old boy is with them.

mrslaughan Sat 17-Jan-15 20:45:57

In the horse world E&L are known as evasion and lies.....I would avoid, because the evasion and lies is in regard to there response when you make a claim......

SteppingonLego Sat 17-Jan-15 20:58:35

What you need to do before taking any policy is phone them up and ask:

Do they increase the premium if you make a claim? (not all do, I know petplan don't). Many start cheap then rocket after even a small claim.
Is cover limited by time (many policies will cover a condition for 12 months after which you're high and dry)?
Is total amount paid for a condition limited or does it renew each year (some policies might pay e.g. £2000 per condition but once you've had it that's it)?

And try asking your vets. If they wince when you mention the company you're thinking of it may not be the best one to go for.

I don't think you'll get a good, cheap policy for a bassett though I'm afraid. The reason being they get quite a lot of problems as they age and insurers know it.

I agree with mrslaughlan about E&L. Ditto Animal Friends.

yummumto3girls Sun 18-Jan-15 00:13:11

I use PetPlan, yes they are really expensive, but I'm insured for life and have recently had two large claims and they paid up quickly, which I think goes a long way.

MindReader Sun 18-Jan-15 13:53:00

thanks thank you everyone.

I'll do my research and see how I get on. x

SinclairSpectrum Sun 18-Jan-15 13:55:53

Can I recommend Pet Protect?
Decent lifetime cover at an affordable rate.
They don't advertise on all the comparison sites.

chelsbells Sun 18-Jan-15 14:10:23

Jumping on here as also looking for pet insurance today!

Just looked up Pet Protect, seems to be a good policy that they are offering, more expensive than some on compare sights but cheaper than pet plan (£28 p/m)

Pet protect have quoted me £20 p/m but in part of their T&Cs it says a there's a Vet fee contribution of 20% - so is that my contribution to my overall bill as well as the excess if I need to make a claim?

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