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Grrr, bloody fb posts!

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DishwasherDogs Thu 15-Jan-15 15:10:14

Just seen on the Pets love Scruffs page on fb a compilation of cute dogs and babies. (I only liked it to try to win a dog bed!)
Basically, it's nearly 6 minutes of babies sitting on dogs, climbing on dogs, pulling their ears, mauling them around. Many of the dogs are showing signs of stress.

Why do people let their dc do this to their dogs? Apart from being cruel to the dog, they're putting their tiny children at risk of being bitten. Can't believe how stupid some people are!

Ranting here so I don't say it on the post and end up being called a boring old killjoy (again!)

SinclairSpectrum Thu 15-Jan-15 15:30:09

This really gets my goat too!!
Before getting my pup I would regularly look at youtube vids of Spinone (totally doggy porn). There are so many clips of kids climbing all over Spins, even one where chickens are pecking at a poor dog.
Am sure the posters are trying to demonstrate the breeds placid nature - exactly the reason they shouldn't abuse it!

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