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Vet coming to see DDog .. think its time to say goodbye

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OhSammyBoy Thu 15-Jan-15 10:14:07

Hes 11, was attacked last year by another dog out on a walk, and injured his spine / hind leg and he has being gradually deteriorating since.

The last few weeks hes being really struggling to get up and falling over when he tries to go round corners. Hes in no pain, just really confused about his back end not working. I know its time, but I just don't want it to be.

The DSs have stuffed him full of treats and headed off to school sobbing their hearts out. I am in tears, and poor Sam is looking at me like I am insane! Keeps headbutting me as if to say be less ridiculous.

Im not even sure what the point of this post is or the gratuitous name change to be honest.

Photos just because I can.

Twitterqueen Thu 15-Jan-15 10:17:17

Here's a hand to hold and a tissue. I can't even bear to think about it for my own DDog - and she's perfectly healthy. brew flowers

Buttholelane Thu 15-Jan-15 10:29:27

I am sorry to do this at a time when everyone is obviously traumatised and upset.
I don't want to hurt anyone or come across like a bitch but I have to say, is it really time?

This dog is in no pain?
He is in your words just a bit confused as to why his back end isn't working.
He is head butting you to try and make you feel better.

I don't live with your dog, but he doesn't sound ready.

Is there not another option you could explore?
Surgery possibly?
There are dozens of stories of dogs who were paralysed who have been helped to walk again either via wheelchairs or surgery.

MitchellMummy Thu 15-Jan-15 10:48:58

Big hugs if it is time. But as Butthole says, there are things you can do - osteopathy, hydrotherapy (as well as pain relief if needed). I thought it was time last February for my old fella. But he's still here. He's unco-ordinated going upstairs so I help him up and down, but with the osteo, hydro (and occasional physio) he has a happy life. Horrible time for you all. x

OhSammyBoy Thu 15-Jan-15 11:16:19

Twitter Thanks.

Butthole (seems very wrong to be typing that!) and Mitchell I don't know if it is really time. I honestly don't know. I've always believed the "better a month too early than a day too late" maxim but its really hard with him. We don't think hes in pain purely because its nerve damage and he has barely any feeling there now, also he still seems delighted to charge out for a walk and is ever hopefully hes going for a trek round the forest, even though he never does anymore.

Its not that hes uncoordinated, its that he has no use of the leg at all, hes alright on straight lines, because he just drags it behind him, but bends defeat him and he topples over sad. Depending on the way he falls he either struggles to get up or cant without aid.

Hes had surgery, and currently having physio & hydro.

Its really hard, and I don't think you are being a bitch at all, because on one hand, it obviously doesn't hurt him, hes still managing to toilet most of the time (sometimes needs assistance to balance) and is generally alert and happy. Hes going slightly deaf and his sight is going, but in a generic old dog type of way. On the other, he cant do the walks or games he used to do, and is just get up, feed, walk, lie down until its time for a walk again. He hates being left behind when I take the others out for their treks (although he has a giant bone so perhaps is hamming it up for the reaction grin )

He just seems to be deteriorating in front of my eyes, and certainly since a couple of weeks before Christmas just seems to have gone off his feet totally.

Im hoping the vet will come and so oh no hes alright, but I don't know. I hate the thought of him being in pain and unable to tell me. Hes always been a soldier on type of chap, and always always been there for me through some horricly shit times and I want to do whats right for him, but I don't know what that is.

OhSammyBoy Thu 15-Jan-15 11:21:26

Gosh sorry that was terribly long. Trying to weigh it all up in my mind before the vet comes. Stupid animals causing chaos everywhere they go!

MitchellMummy Thu 15-Jan-15 11:26:34

Awww, I appreciate your dilemma. Only YOU know when the time is right. My old fella lets me know when he's in pain, so I increase the meds. I've occasionally helped to balance him when toileting but generally he's OK on that score. With my first dog I knew it was time when she just couldn't go to the toilet one night (having been diagnosed with cancer just days previously). I'd planned to take her the next day but she died in my arms that night. If you're not 100% sure you could always postpone the vet's visit (or explain your concerns when vet arrives). There's always tomorrow before the problem of weekend visiting occurs ...

SDTGisAnEvilWolefGenius Thu 15-Jan-15 11:27:18

Fingers crossed that the vet helps you make the right decision for your lovely dog - whatever that decision is.

They find their way into your heart, don't they?

Hugs and hand holding for you.

judydoes Thu 15-Jan-15 11:31:16

It sounds as if he's still enjoying life, to me, which is always what I've gone off with animals.

Hand holding, hope you come to the right decision.

judydoes Thu 15-Jan-15 11:31:57

He's beautiful, by the way smile

lemisscared Thu 15-Jan-15 11:33:46

Oh bless, poor you sad What a beautiful dog

He sounds like he is ataxic, and that the messages aren't getting from brain to spine to legs properly. There might be surgery that can help with that, might, and i would assume if this were an option that your vet will have discussed it. The surgery is called fenestration and would follow a myelogram which would be an xray taken after injecting a dye into the spinal chord (i think!). Sorry if this has already been suggested/ruled out, but often ataxia can be caused by slipped disks in the neck or changes in the spine that push on the spinal chord and this can be corrected with surgery sometimes. It is an awful lot to put your dog through though.

Just read that he has no use of the leg, so maybe not ataxia, i'd still ask though.

I am so with you on the "better a month to early" school of thought though, quality of life is the most important thing.

I think as owners, we know when that time is sad flowers

mrslaughan Thu 15-Jan-15 13:42:40

Whatever you decide is know your dog.

I always thought I would know when the time is right, but I left it too long with our cat, purely because I didn't want to make the decision.

Whatever you decide - hugs.

OhSammyBoy Thu 15-Jan-15 14:04:22

See you at the bridge Sammybear. Miss you so much already words cant really say it x x

lemisscared Thu 15-Jan-15 14:09:40

flowers so sorry for your loss. sad looks like you have some wonderful memories

marmaladegranny Thu 15-Jan-15 14:10:12

Lots of hugs - I know how you feel; been there several times.
You last post made me cry…...

EasyToEatTiger Thu 15-Jan-15 14:47:48

Oh no. So so sorry.

MitchellMummy Thu 15-Jan-15 15:10:28


SDTGisAnEvilWolefGenius Thu 15-Jan-15 15:13:23

Happy hunting, beautiful dog. There's a black lab called Kizzy and a brown one called Fudge looking out for you in the happy hunting grounds.

LoofahVanDross Thu 15-Jan-15 15:38:21

So sorry to read your news xx

DrElizabethPlimpton Thu 15-Jan-15 15:44:11


BlueKarou Thu 15-Jan-15 15:48:17

I'm so sorry for your loss, OP. It's the hardest decision you have to make as a pet owner and it sounds like you've been very strong for Sam. Much hand holding, virtual hugs and tissues for you. flowers

For what it's worth, I'm of the same mindset - better too early than too late. I let my beloved girl go 18 months ago. She had Osteosarcoma in her rear leg; the drugs were taking the pain away but she was lame in the leg and had started coughing occasionally, which meant the cancer had started to form in her lungs. I could have kept her going for another week, maybe two, but I didn't want to keep her alive for me when she was clearly only going because of the drugs

She'll be happy to see another dog at the bridge; she always was a bit of a flirt with the boys.

CarbeDiem Thu 15-Jan-15 16:33:51

I'm so sorry flowers

SpottyTits Thu 15-Jan-15 17:02:42

So sorry but at least be comforted by the fact that you did the best thing for him. You put his happiness before yours. You did wonderfully by Sammy and I bet he's proud of you too.

judey Thu 15-Jan-15 17:19:28

'Dogs lives are too short. Their only fault really'.
Unknown quote. I always think of it when I think of those I've had the joy of knowing.
Thinking of you.

catsrus Thu 15-Jan-15 18:14:31

definitely better to let them go a bit too soon than too late, you did the right thing.

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