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Does anyone else's bitch try to take the head off any male dog that shows her "attention";?

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sweetkitty Wed 14-Jan-15 16:33:11

Dog is almost 18 months she had her first season beginning of Nov and since then (even when not in season) she has been so intolerant of male dogs. I dog walk with a friends make dog coming up for a year and he's allowed to sniff and lick but the minute he puts a paw on her back she chews his head off (never hurts him but shows teeth etc) never puts him off because he keeps coming back. Same with another two males we know. The makes seem relentless to hump her given half the chance even though she's no longer in season. I thought they would give her a break if she wasn't in season.

First make dog is being castrated this week and my dog is being spayed beginning of next month so hopefully it will no longer be a problem.

sweetkitty Wed 14-Jan-15 16:35:05

Also do intact males give spayed females the same sort of attention?

Feel sorry for my girl on walks, the other two males are not getting castrated so want her to be left in peace and for her not to snap at every male. She's fine with, castrated males, other dogs like puppies, females

Buttholelane Wed 14-Jan-15 16:47:59

I believe that putting paws on the back is a very rude, quite domineering, controlling thing to do in the doggy world, that is probably why she is getting cross.

I have an entire bitch, she usually very amenable.
The exception being when she was just coming into heat (I didn't realise) and she air snapped a little at a gsd who wouldn't leave her alone.

Mind you, this was after a very traumatic experience with some idiot's out of control dogs earlier so she could have been stressed already by that plus hormones on top.

How do you know she is no longer in season?

I ask because first they bleed and they can't conceive pups at this time, then the bleeding stops and here is the danger zone because they could be fertile for I think it is 2 weeks after bleeding.
Maybe she is just starting to come into her fertile time hence the interest but not quite there hence her getting cross instead of flirty.

Buttholelane Wed 14-Jan-15 16:49:37

Edit - I see her season was in November, won't be that then.

I wonder if she is putting out an odour, are you planning to breed her?
If my dog had finished her season long ago and makes were still going nuts I would be concerned about a possible problem, like pyometra.

mrslaughan Wed 14-Jan-15 17:17:38

Have you washed her since her season, I have an entire male, who will normally pay no attention (in that way) to female unless they are in season - or have had a season recently, and not had a bath since.....I think he must still be able to smell it still.

I think its quite normal for her to tell them to bugger off - she is not amenable to there advances and she is telling them where to get off.

Watch her when she is in season, because then she may became a brazen hussy chasing after boys.

sweetkitty Wed 14-Jan-15 21:20:26

Yes gave her a bath since. hmm

One of the males a little Lhasa used to try it on before she came into season then didn't see her for 4 weeks now he still doesn't leave her alone, constant licking/sniffing her bits and humping well trying to shed a lot bigger lol

Just waiting until 3 months after her season to spay her no I'm not breeding her

sweetkitty Wed 14-Jan-15 21:21:26

Even random males we meet who have a good sniff get snapped at.

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