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What breed do you think my dog is?

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KoalaDownUnder Tue 13-Jan-15 07:27:58

Asking here because I've had so many different opinions at dog parks, etc. Does anybody have a dog who looks like mine?

The rescue organisation I got her from said she's a Whippet x, but people most often guess Greyhound x or German Shorthaired Pointer x.

She's 2.5 years old, runs very fast, loves playing with other dogs, is quite stubborn, very affectionate and clever.

Thanks in advance! smile

nhsworker15 Tue 13-Jan-15 07:34:11

I think she looks like she has some whippet in her, not sure what it's mixed with though!

KoalaDownUnder Tue 13-Jan-15 07:37:10

Yes, I agree - she's definitely whippet-ish, but she weighs about 55 pounds. Very big for a whippet, so am thinking the 'cross' must be something solid...

tattychicken Tue 13-Jan-15 07:38:41

Very unusual! Gorgeous dog. I'd go for whippet x jack Russell x something else.....border collie?

tattychicken Tue 13-Jan-15 08:40:57

Maybe greyhound rather than the whippet.....she's quite substantial aye?

KoalaDownUnder Tue 13-Jan-15 08:52:10

Thanks, tatty - and yes, she is much larger than any whippet I've met. She has quite distinctive facial markings, too.

MothershipG Tue 13-Jan-15 08:56:20

She's a lurcher!

Basically something crossed with a sighthound.


highlighta Tue 13-Jan-15 09:00:50

She is a lovely Heinz 57 wink

They make the best dogs i reckon...

I also see a bit of Jack Russell..

mumteedum Tue 13-Jan-15 09:04:08

Think tatty got it. Whippet x border collie. She's lovely. smile

MrsPresley Tue 13-Jan-15 09:04:14

I used to say my lovely dog was a pedigree mongrel...still miss my wee hound dog sad

Your dog is lovely op, wish I could have another one smile

highlighta Tue 13-Jan-15 09:12:40

I have a cross breed too. I should post a pic of her and let you all guess what she is.... wink

I do know, but its a difficult one wink

KoalaDownUnder Tue 13-Jan-15 09:20:25

Go on, highlighta!

I wanted a dog for years but couldn't have one because I rented. I finally bought a place with a garden, 5 mins from the beach, and 'rescued' my gorgeous girl. She lives the good life these days, down at the beach chasing kite surfers!

moosemama Tue 13-Jan-15 09:41:30

I'd say Whippet x Collie with some JRT thrown into the mix somewhere along the line.

Lurchers are often Lurcher to Lurcher bred, so you can see certain characteristics, but it's hard to unpick the exact mix.

Whatever she is, she's lovely. smile

highlighta Tue 13-Jan-15 10:02:14

Oooh ok, just coz you asked hehe. i don't need an excuse to post pics of my gorgeous girl

Hint: Not breeds commonly found in UK.


Slippersandacuppa Tue 13-Jan-15 10:06:44

Ridgeback x Africanis cross? She's lovely! My brother has a gorgeous, soppy, gentle Africanis and we had a ridgeback cross. Luvverly dogs.

UnrelatedToElephants Tue 13-Jan-15 10:25:14

Ridgeback something, highlighta?

How many - just 2 (one cross)

highlighta Tue 13-Jan-15 11:28:34

Yip just one cross.

Nearly... smile

She is Ridgeback cross Boerbul Mastiff. Daddy is 75kg Ridgeback and Mummy is a slighty less chunky Boerbul weighing 45kg.

She has such a personality and is such a softy. Its mid summer here now, cannot keep her out the pool which is unusual for these breeds to swim so much.

Slipper, her main aim in life is to get you to rub her ridge... it sends her to her special place. grin.

she is my other baby

TheHoundsBitch Tue 13-Jan-15 11:40:19

75kg ridgeback shock I've got a ridgeback cross (no ridge though), she's about 23kg at 6 months so hopefully will only be 30ish kg! How big is yours highlighta? She beautiful!

TheHoundsBitch Tue 13-Jan-15 11:44:40

My baby girl. Mum was a ridgeback, no idea about dad - any ideas?

KoalaDownUnder Tue 13-Jan-15 12:29:47

Aww, they're both so sweeeet! scritch scritch. Laughing at the idea of her hanging out for someone to rub her ridge, highlighta grin

TheHoundsBitch Tue 13-Jan-15 12:36:06

Are you in Australia Koala? There are a few aussie breeds that she might have in her that would ex plain the spotty nose! Koolie, Kelpie, cattle dogs.

highlighta Tue 13-Jan-15 13:11:52

Thehound she is 9 months and 35kgs. shock

Vet says she has 9 months of growth still....

Your lovely pup has definite Ridgeback face, the colouring Brindle, not so sure.. Could she have a bit of Boxer in her?

AlphaBravoHenryFoxtons Tue 13-Jan-15 13:17:35

I'd say Staffy X Whippet.

TheHoundsBitch Tue 13-Jan-15 13:25:15

shock yikes! Boerboels are massive though aren't they? Wide as they are tall!
I'm not sure about boxer, she is very deep chested. I'm not sure she's big enough to be two big breeds iyswim, the rescue we got her from suggested some staffie, but I don't see it apart from her colour and I think staffies tend to be darker brindle than her.

KoalaDownUnder Tue 13-Jan-15 13:52:44

TheHoundsBitch, yep, I am in Australia...come to think of it, her nose does look a bit Blue Heeler, maybe??

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