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'Cherry eye'

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MindReader Mon 12-Jan-15 13:28:06

I am considering adopting a Basset.
She has a 'cherry eye' which is the third eyelid being swollen and protruding a bit. It can be operated on (has been in past) but will possibly come back. After the op dry eye can be a problem.

My vet seems confident and is quoting £200.
Her previous owner (and their Vet) don't think its a problem.

I do trust my Vet's advice btw, and have googled for info, just wondered if anyone here can tell me of any personal experiences?

schloss Tue 13-Jan-15 16:00:33

Do not underestimate dry eye. Operating on Cherry Eye is not always the first option now. I would do 2 things, firstly speak to an opthalmic vet and secondly contact the breed society for bassets who will be able to provide you with much more information on cherry eye and any associated eye problems with the breed.


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