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Tips for the very start of puppy training

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SevenSwansASwimming Sun 11-Jan-15 14:27:48

We're getting an 8 week Labradoodle puppy on tuesday. My parents had dogs when I was growing up but I can't remember the puppy stage very well. I've read it's me or the dog as recommended by someone on here, which goes through how is best to train, but do I start straight away or give her a couple of days to settle in first? Or concentrate on getting toilet training done before trying to teach anything else? And with sit, down, stay etc is it best to try to move through the skills quickly or wait until one has been mastered before moving on to the next? Any tips gratefully received!

crapcrapcrapcarp Sun 11-Jan-15 20:07:54

I think you can start right away but it's always best to train specific cues in little chunks rather than a big overwhelming session. House training is a priority so definitely start that right away!

I also think it's important to think of having a puppy as a change of lifestyle and training is part of that. So, it's something which is happening all the time, from the puppy's perspective, whether you're actively training or not. When the puppy's behaviour has a consequence, if that's a consequence which it likes, then it'll do more of the behaviour. So set up your home so that you can easily prevent unwanted behaviour (eg playpen away from important chewable items).

The single best puppy book available right now is Life Skills for Puppies by Mills and Zulch. Essential reading smile

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