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Thinking about getting a dog...

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HamishBamish Thu 08-Jan-15 10:37:39

I'm considering getting a dog, but I'm just in the very early stages of the decision making process at the moment and want to make sure I've looked at all the pros and cons. I always had a dog as a child and would love to have one again, but want to be absolutely sure I make the right decision.

Here are the facts.

- I work part-time from home. I travel very rarely, but know of several good dog walkers in the area. From my perspective it would be great to have a dog for some company during the day as it does get quite lonely.
- We rarely holiday outside the UK, currently camping mostly.
- We live in a bungalow with a secure garden.
- Our area is residential, but we have a beach very nearby (a few minutes walk) which is very popular with dog walkers.
- Exercise wise, I could walk a dog x3 times per day, before breakfast, lunchtime, evening), no less than 30 minutes per outing.
- We have 2 children 4 and nearly 7. Both are keen on dogs, but haven't had a huge amount of exposure to them apart from my dad's dogs on occasion. Neither are frightened of dogs.

Does the above situation look acceptable for a dog? Which breed (mixed or otherwise) would be suitable for children? Size wise I would want something small-medium.

I would love a dog, but I'm also keen to ensure we don't make any rash decisions. The dog would have to come first and if we don't have the right situation in place then I would rather not have one at all.

Gooner123 Thu 08-Jan-15 11:18:40

You sound like your in the perfect situation to me,I've got a beddyXwhippet ( small/medium) he'd love it there,not great for company though as he sleeps most of the time.
Start researching the breeds you like or the rescue centres which are full of dogs that need good homes.

CMOTDibbler Thu 08-Jan-15 12:11:58

I think you sound like you've really thought about things.

A whippet/ whippet cross would fit nicely, I agree. Evesham Greyhound and Lurcher rescue (they home countrywide) have two whippets in at the moment - Hilda and Meme Mouse who you can see on their FB page. Hilda in particular sounds lovely

TheHoundsBitch Thu 08-Jan-15 16:23:36

Twinkle would fit in nicely with you I bet...

Perfectlypurple Thu 08-Jan-15 16:29:12

We are considering a dog also, we both work full time but shift work so waiting to see what my shifts are and how they work first. If we would both be out all day too often then we won't do it. If it is just the odd day we have a neighbour that may be able to help. My concern is the barking when we are out. There is a dog near me that is outside and barks all the bloody time. I wouldn't want a dog to annoy my neighbours and I am concerned that with his barking dog nearby it would mean any dog we had would bark excessively. I guess I will have to give it some more thought and see what happens with the shifts. I am hoping it works out so there would be no one home only for a few hours at a time. But if it doesn't work like that we will have to wait until my dh retires.

lemisscared Thu 08-Jan-15 16:32:16

envy sounds perfect to me!

start with thinking about what breeds you like. Would you consider a rescue dog? puppy? large? small? small doesn't always = easier. Terriers are really popular but are high energy and need alot of exercise. Not the easiest to train. Some bigger dogs are quite lazy and don't need as much exercise. For instance a rescue greyhound would fit in well with three short walks a day. A terrier might prefer a longer trek out off lead.

The battersea website has lots of breed info and i think the discover dogs show is on soon.

Good luck in your journey. i could never be without a dog now

HamishBamish Thu 08-Jan-15 19:31:32

Thanks for all the encouraging replies!

I'm quite keen on the idea of a rescue dog, but I do worry that many have unknown histories and might not be the best with children. I imagine there wouldn't be any danger of a rescue centre placing a dog they have doubts about in that situation anyway though? We actually have a rescue centre just down the road from us (I can hear the barking faintly on still days), so I have considered that as an option.

I also thought about the idea of a whippet or a rescue greyhound as I've heard that they do like walks, but don't require hours and hours across the moors like some do. My dad has 2 cocker spaniels and is out for over 3 hrs for the main walk of the day and 2 other short walks morning/evening, there's no way I could manage that!.

Twinkle looks adorable CMOT :-)

I'm definitely going to take some time to do a bit more research and I also have plans to walk a neighbours dog for a few weeks. If I can manage that ok then I will know for sure we can offer a good home. I also want to make sure the family can accept the sacrifices necessary. No spontaneous 2h lunches out, everything needing to be planned to accommodate the dog, walks in the pouring rain, the general hairy mess a dog can bring into the house.

It has to be a family decision, as we're all going to have to live with the change and ultimately the dog will have to come first as far as meeting it's needs are concerned.

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