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Am I doing the right thing, or not?

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CarbeDiem Wed 07-Jan-15 15:11:38

Dpup is 17 weeks and we're slowly getting there with some things on the training front.
The problem I'm/We're having is other dogs.

Dpups behaviour is strange when she encounters other dogs on our walks.
There's many other dogs both on and off lead. Dpup is always on lead.

So she'll spot a dog and give a bark, she doesn't sound aggressive, it sounds like a low pitched cough or a yappy growl. Of course, this invites the other dogs to come and investigate.... Dpup goes nuts, she'll either cry and not stand while they have a sniff of her, she'll try to run away/around my legs/jump at my legs or she'll maybe sniff noses and then try to jump up/ onto the other dog.
Most just give her this look hmm and move away but some have been afraid of her and one must have ran out of patience as he growled at her.

Dh is a worrier and he sometimes picks her up out of the way (this is coupled with the fact he's fretting that she's not yet had her rabies vacc)

I, on the other hand say that she has to learn that if she barks/growls/yaps at the dogs then they will come over to see what her fuss is, so I won't pick her up. I stay calm, will often stroke the other dog and tell dpup ''it's okay, it's okay'' to try and make it a positive experience. I never force her to have contact and allow her to move away when she wants to - which often results in her then running right back at the dog again smile Is it fear or excitement or a mixture of both?
I don't understand as before she came to us she was around quite a few older dogs as well as puppies, we carried her outside until she got her other vaccs so she's had contact with dogs before walking outside.
Should I continue what I'm doing or do something different?

CarbeDiem Thu 08-Jan-15 06:08:47


EasyToEatTiger Thu 08-Jan-15 11:05:54

Leads can cause problems as there is no escape for the dog. If you remove the dog from the situation, please be very aware of what you are teaching the dog. The dog may interpret being removed as a reason to be afraid. How is your recall? Do you use a long line? What kind of dog do you have? I don't really like other peoples' dogs approaching me, and I prefer inter-dog interactions to be well away from me as the dogs can usually sort things out and get away from each other, and you don't get the problem of the dog being protective of the owner. See if you can find a training class where they do off-lead work.

CarbeDiem Thu 08-Jan-15 12:49:20

Thanks for the reply.
We don't know her breed - she was abandoned as a tiny pup with no mum. She looks like she has some border collie/Rottie mix in her.
Pups lead is an extendable so she has a decent amount of room to move herself away, which she does do.
I've tried to tell Dh not to pick her up because she'll never learn or accept other dogs and that he's basically telling her ''Daddy will rescue you, you don't need to 'talk' to them if you don't want to'' hmm
That's why I won't do it.
Her recall isn't perfect, on lead she'll come 8/10 times I command. Off lead (but we've only just started off lead) maybe 4/10 times called. If something distracts her or she's too focussed having a good sniff it seems wild horses won't drag her away, even when she knows I've got treats in pocket.
Just today we had her to a quiet area not close to any roads and let her off - she got distracted with a walker and chased and jumped up at him - she wouldn't recall at all so I had to put her back on lead.
Many owners here are happy to allow their dogs to come to her - obviously they see she's a pup and is not being aggressive so I think sometimes they think they're actually helping to socialise her?
Classes - are a problem. I don't live in the UK and even if there was some I wouldn't understand enough there. I'm due at the vets at some point over the next few days to get her rabies shot so I'll speak to them too.

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