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How do I stop our dog licking the baby?!

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Balderdabble Wed 07-Jan-15 14:19:44

We have two springer spaniels, 5 years old and a 5 month old baby girl. The dogs have always been our babies and we were really careful to set up any changes for them in advance of DD coming along so they had no negative associations and introduced them all as soon as we were home from hospital, still give them lots of attention etc. and the dogs seem to have accepted her into their pack really well. grin But one of them just wants to lick her all the time. As soon as he gets near her after they've been apart for more than a few minuteshe's after her hands or even just giving her a big slobbery lick up her face. Ive tried distracting him, telling him a sharp no, pulling him away but it doesn't stop it happening again. It does not seem in anyway aggressive or possessive and he will settle down happily next to her eventually but it's still a bit gross and going to get harder to stop as she gets more mobile. I obviously don't leave them alone together, but really don't want to have to keep them in separate rooms all the time just for the initial greeting. Any ideas to discourage him?

ender Wed 07-Jan-15 16:14:54

It sounds like he really loves her smile. If you tell him off or pull him away he'll associate the baby with nasty things happening and he might start to go off her.
Rather than discourage him, you need to reward him for doing the right thing, i.e. sitting quietly next to her without licking. Clicker training would work, lots of info online.

Balderdabble Wed 07-Jan-15 17:57:21

Loves her too much smile Now you've said that, it does make sense. I'll give it a go, thanks!

Guitargirl Wed 07-Jan-15 17:59:52

Aww, it's probably doing wonders for her immune system! grin

Balderdabble Wed 07-Jan-15 18:25:25

That's what I've been telling my Mum every time she mentions it! blush

muttynutty Wed 07-Jan-15 21:32:00

I am afraid that it is nothing to do with love for your new baby - sorry.

Excessive licking is a stress reliever in dogs - so your dog is anxious around the baby. You do need to prevent this reaction. I would only let the dog near your baby if you are around to distract the behaviour - if your dog will lie happily near the baby then treat the dog on the floor.

Increase your dogs exercise and give your dog a quiet space away from the baby. You could also consider a DAP collar

HarrietSchulenberg Wed 07-Jan-15 21:54:06

If the dog was stressed by the baby he would be licking other things, or himsrlf, excessively rather than the baby.
If it were me I'd go with the advice about rewatds for sitting quietly by the baby without licking her.

Nearasdammit Wed 07-Jan-15 22:01:41

From what I've seen on here Mutty knows what she's talking about.

Buttholelane Wed 07-Jan-15 22:38:08

I second mutty.
My dog was extremely anxious around the baby as well and was constantly trying to lick her as well.
She would settle eventually as well like the op's dogs.

Now, she isn't anxious at all and will still try and lick the baby sometimes but the difference is profound.

She is visibly calm and might try and give the baby a quick, affectionate little lick while walking past, or quietly lie down and lay her head across her and if the baby's hand comes towards her head she sometimes licks her hand.

In a few months you'll really notice the difference in the dog.

Balderdabble Wed 07-Jan-15 22:51:55

Thanks all

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