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Blood in Dogs Wee

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BearsAndAngels Wed 07-Jan-15 10:37:19

Just looking for some reassurance really. Our (male) dog started urinating frequently (cystitis-like) yesterday and later on in the day we noticed some pink spots of blood. This morning I collected a sample for the vet and there was so much blood in it the sample was a dark brown colour.

The vet didn't seem overly concerned about this increase in blood and thinks it likely it is bladder stones, possibly an infection, or possibly some kind of kidney issue.

He took bloods and sent the urine sample off for anaylsis but it will be 2 days before we get any results. I'm semi freaking out that the bleeding is going to worsen and thinking about where it might be coming from.

I was just hoping someone might have some experience of this and be able to calm me down!

306235388 Wed 07-Jan-15 10:39:35

My dog had this with a uti

Is he pooing ok? If so it's unlikely to be prostate I think

BearsAndAngels Wed 07-Jan-15 10:43:37

thanks 306 Yes his poo is fine. The vet did feel his prostrate. Was there an alarming amount of blood when your dog had uti? Vet said my dog didn't have a temperature, so infection was less likely, but still a possibility as it might be early on in the infection. He has given me some random antibiotics to start just in case.

306235388 Wed 07-Jan-15 11:45:10

LOADS of blood he was peeing pure blood and his willy wS bleeding inbetween

moosemama Wed 07-Jan-15 16:12:16

My dog had quite severe prostate problems and still pooed normally, so it doesn't always follow that they will struggle if it's prostate problems. The only other symptom my lad had was what appeared to be pain and stiffness in his back/back-legs due to him trying to compensate for how much pain he was in when walking/running.

He also passed scary amounts of blood.

He was treated for a uti initially, a couple of courses of antibiotics and no improvement later, the vet checked him out with a camera and took a biopsy. Thankfully the biopsy was clear, but his prostate had become cystic and he was neutered at that point. No more symptoms at all once he'd recovered from the neutering op and his prostate had had some time to settle down. He was totally fine from then on.

It was only once he'd fully recovered that we realised how uncomfortable/in pain he must have been, as he suddenly seemed to regain his youth and started acting like a pup again. It must have been a huge relief for him.

BearsAndAngels Thu 08-Jan-15 10:35:17

That's interesting Moosemama. My dog is neutered already, did his problems come on suddenly? I haven't noticed any stiffness in his legs.

My dogs wee is pretty much clear of blood today, which I'm really surprised (and relieved) about. But he still seems to have the urgency to wee. He did one on the carpet at some point this morning which he has never done before. It was quite small, but obviously he felt the need to go.

Anyway thanks both for your replies. I am a lot less concerned than I was 24 hour ago!

niqnet1 Thu 08-Jan-15 15:56:20

Troy had this with a uti. Antibiotics soon got rid of it. He had is once more after that but been clear 5 years now x

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