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My mum just turned up with a puppy...

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DragonMamma Tue 06-Jan-15 20:27:02

...we've been discussing it for a while as we both work part time on opposite days so it wouldn't be left on its own for long periods.

Anyway, she's turned up tonight with a 7week old shih tzu puppy, who is naturally adorable.

It was such a long time since we had the last one (who isn't with us anymore) that I can't remember what to do

He has a bed, comfort blanket and some puppy food. What's the drill for his first night at home. He appears to be a happy soul and is wagging his tail a lot.

The plan is to leave him in his bed for tonight (with the heating on), there's puppy pads down and the usual food and water. We'd like to swap him for dry food from the wet food he's been on, is it as simple as just swapping? Do we need to get puppy milk?

Our previous dog wasn't crate trained so have no idea when to start this?

Insurance etc will be sorted in the morning, he's been deflea'd and wormed but no jabs, when do these happen?

Buttholelane Tue 06-Jan-15 21:39:27

Get rid of the pads.
Put it straight outside in the morning, after every meal, every nap and before you go to bed.

You don't need puppy milk.

To crate train outrs I just put her in it at bedtime, whenever I thought she looked overtired and sometimes I would put her in there with a kong or her food.

Jabs from 8 or 9 weeks weeks usually.

MostAmused Tue 06-Jan-15 22:33:40

Try this FB page for tips.
dog training advice and support It's run by behaviourists so it's genuine positive reinforcement advice for both new and experienced dog owners.

I agree with straight outside rather than using pads as it's confusing for the puppy unless you want him to go inside all the time. As mentioned above take him out in the morning, after eating, drinking, sleeping and also playing. He'll be able to hold it longer while resting or asleep but play and excitement will make him more likely to need to go so it's important to anticipate and look out for signs: Sniffing and circling etc. Buy a odour eliminator to spray on areas where there's been an accident to avoid the smell attracting him back to the same place.

If you take your dog to the vets you might be able to get 4 weeks free insurance to begin with.

When I transfer to a new food I mix it in gradually with the old so day 1 75% old/ 25% new, day 2 50% old/ 50% new and then 25%/ 75% day 3 etc.

HTH. I'm relatively new to puppy parenting myself since our dpup is only 4.5 months but it's been a good learning curve!

DragonMamma Tue 06-Jan-15 23:04:02

Thanks for all the great advice. We will ditch the puppy pads then. He clearly isn't a fan of the cold floor and cries a lot, plus he's so small he can't get out of his bed so we've had to fashion a flatter one out of some blankets.

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