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Confused about what to feed the dogs..

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judydoes Tue 06-Jan-15 18:16:18

People keep telling me different things.

We have a 10 year old GS/Malmute cross and a 10 year old cocker spaniel, the latter we adopted a couple of weeks ago.

For the GS cross she's incredibly fussy with food , tends to go off things she's always liked. We've tried so many different brands. Aside from actual dog food though, she'll eat absolutely anything from salad leaves to breakfast cereal, if she gets her paws on it. Also the one thing she always will eat is the cans from the corner shop. We've got her those when she's refused other new foods we've tried her on,or when we've ran out and she wolfs them down.

But, I've heard bag things about canned dog food especially the cheap kind,saying It's mostly water and full of rubbish.

The Spaniel was being fed Bakers (which I know has a BAD reputation) at his old home along with a supermarket VERY cheap complete food. He happily eats both those, so DH has said we may as well keep him on those because he'll eat them but I can't help thinking that a large bag of dog food that costs £1.18 must be crap?

Then my Sister recommends the Science diet but I'm reluctant because although I'm happy to spend more if It's better for the dogs, I have a feeling they'll both refuse it and it isn't cheap.

Should I keep feeding them what they like despite it being full of rubbish considering their ages?

Has anybody else got dogs that are difficult to satisfy?

tabulahrasa Tue 06-Jan-15 18:32:39

I wouldn't feed bakers, ever, I'd avoid supermarket ones unless I had a pressing financial need for cheap food and hills science plan isn't a fantastic food, just expensive.

If you've got one that likes tinned food, try butcher's tripe mix - it's just meat, no fillers and fairly cheap...and you can buy it most places. Good wet foods are nature diet and wainwright's trays, but you'll only get them from pet shops.

That is a good website for looking up foods.

With both wet and dry what you're after is a high named meat content and as little fillers (especially grains) as possible.

judydoes Tue 06-Jan-15 19:54:14

I know, Bakers hasn't a good word said about it has it!

I've always done a fair bit of research but now I feel I have actually read too much and don't know what to believe any longer!

My Sister does rave about the science diet but it looks (literally and on paper) very similar to various other dry food we've fed that's had noses turned up at it.

I also have a feeling that she likes it because it means their poop is 'dryer' and easier to pick up!

I shall have a browse at that site. Thank you for replying.

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