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Rehoming our dogs

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Howwillwecope Mon 05-Jan-15 11:28:49

Hello, we are sadly rehoming our dogs and we are both struggling with the thought, it's not been an easy decision at all and they are being rehomed via a rescue specific to their breed. Initially they will go to a foster home due to one of their personalities they must be assessed first to see what home would be suitable.
So far the process has taken some time, however, now believe they will have gone by the end of January so my question is:
Has anyone rehomed their dogs and how did you feel? When did it become easier?
I am dreading the weeks to follow where it feels quiet etc does this get easier?
When you let them go how did you do it? I understand the fosters will come and collect but how do you cope with someone taking your dogs away?

It's a daunting thought but regrettably it has to happen!

littlehayleyc Mon 05-Jan-15 20:33:06

We had to rehome our dog about a year and a half ago. It was due to him snapping at/biting our child and recommended by a behaviourist. He went to a reputable rescue. Still, I felt very guilty about it, and it was all very upsetting. I had to drive him to the rescue by myself and hand him over. I was there for quite a long time answering lots of questions about him. likes/dislikes etc. I was in tears having to leave him, and the journey home by myself was horrible. However, due to our reason for rehoming it was also a relief and a weight off our shoulders. We'd been walking on eggshells for weeks, and keeping the dog separate from the children so it had been very stressful. It still upsets me when I think about it. It does get easier though, especially if you know you were doing the right thing for the dog and your family.

Howwillwecope Tue 06-Jan-15 07:56:02

Thank you form responding, yes we are rehoming due to an arrival. It's just not working and we (me mainly) feel very stressed as I have to keep them separate in a very small house! My dp isn't as on board as I am so I am worried about the effect to us after too! However over the x mas break he has seen how difficult it is for me!
The foster will be coming to our home to collect them I think this may be very difficult!?! It's breaking our hearts but i am pleased to hear things get easier especially as we are doing the right thing for our family!

littlehayleyc Tue 06-Jan-15 09:59:12

We were in the same boat, but the other way round. My husband was more keen to rehome. As I was the one who did all the training, feeding, walking etc I had formed more of a bond with the dog. If it'd been up to by husband we'd have rehomed him straight after the first incident. I wanted to make sure we'd covered all the bases and tried everything before we rehomed. It caused a bit of upset between us because I was very upset to see the dog go, whereas my husband wasn't so bothered and saw things very black and white. But, now we both know we did our best for the dog, and don't hold any resentment about it. We also had a very small house at the time, and I think that was one of the hardest things. It was so hard to keep everyone separate all the time, and we couldn't enjoy life. It sounds like you are doing the best for you and your dogs. I think it will be upsetting for them to be collected by the foster carer, but it would be upsetting whichever way round you do it. At least with the dogs being collected, you can have a chat with the foster carer in comfortable familiar surroundings, and they will be able to find out as much as possible about the dogs temperaments. This should help them get the best home. Also you won't have to walk away and leave them. That was the worst part for me.

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