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anyone with st Bernard's info please

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edgarsuit Mon 05-Jan-15 10:26:05

We are going to get a dog in the summer and I have started doing some research and thinking about what's best... My head tells me a golden retriever is best and I absolutely love them... HOWEVER I have always always wanted a st Bernard and the research I have looked at suggests we may be able to handle but I would like some real advice from real experienced st Bernard owners... We live in a average sized 3bed house will a average sized garden 5 mins walk from lakes for walks. Children's ages will be 18months and 4.5 I am single mum but will share custody of dog with ex as if it were 3rd child..

EauPea Mon 05-Jan-15 13:28:01

From your description of your set up I would say no.

Our two live in a large converted stable, we have a large 4 bed home, only 1 DD left at home (5) she is still at the right/wrong height for a face full of snot every time the girls move.

Do not under estimate the amount of slober these gorgeous dogs produce, or the distance it can fly when they shake their heads. This is the reason ours have a stable, every conceivable surface was constantly covered.

Whilst these dogs are gentle giants, I would not entertain having one in the house with an 18mo. Having 15 stone of dog brush past would knock them flying.

An average size garden will not cope with the mini roundabout size turds produced, how would you keep children/dog poo area separate while still leaving enough room for both to play.

These dogs are immensely strong, how, as a single parent, would you plan to walk the dog? That's not meant to sound snippy, but there is no way I can walk ours with Dd in tow.

Vets fees are constant and huge, sadly this breed is prone to many health issues hip and elbow displasia is common, as are convulsions. The last time one of my girls was ill it cost of £7k for one weeks treatment.

They are gorgeous and loyal pets, BUT, they require a massive amount of effort and dedication.

Sorry to sound so negative, but it's obvious from the amount of Bernards in rescue centres, how many people soon realise they don't have the room or time for them.

catsdogsandbabies Mon 05-Jan-15 13:34:42

Vet here. No way no way no way.
I have an 18 month old, 4 year old and a poodle cross thing and that is enough work.
Issues: You don't have enough space. They get muddy muddy muddy and hot. They need a garage or utility to go when wet/hot.
A large garden is a minimum.
Slobber - wiped across the face of your children. I am not very hygiene concious but not pleasant. Plus the fur......
Money: they are very expensive to insure (because they get lots of stuff wrong and a course of antibiotics is £100). Thousands of pounds for orthopaedic surgery that many of them need.
The dog will knock your kids flying. My 10kg poodle does so imagine a 60kg massive dog.
They are not a dog for everyone. The above poster is being honest and you should listen.There is no way you should get a St Bernard. No way on earth. Sorry - again not meaning to sound negative but it really would be madness. A nice family dog, retriever or lab - even then they will be a handful for you as a single parent with small kids. My little poodle puppy was/is - chewing toys, house training etc etc.
Just be very prepared - as a single parent can you get to weekly puppy training etc?

mrslaughan Mon 05-Jan-15 18:14:23

maybe you should go to discover dogs? there are many dogs between a golden retriever and a St Bernard.

We have a Great Swiss mountain dog - Much smaller than a St Bernard (there is one in our ringcraft class so know this for certain) - he is a small giant. Short haired and actually other than the size of his bed, doesn't take up much room. Only drools on walks - exercise seems to stimulate things. But they are a dry mouthed breed...supposedly..... I am not advocating his breed - just that there are a huge number of breeds.

I also just recently meet a Spinone - lovely dog , again smaller than a st Bernard (and our boy) but they do drool - all the time, so similar to a St bernard in that matter - LOL.

Anyway I would write a list of what you want - top of my list was it needed to be short haired and no drool - husband wanted a big dog, then list of things about amount of walking you are happy to do etc....and then go from there.

edgarsuit Tue 06-Jan-15 11:13:15

all great advice and just what i needed to realise the facts .... when doing research its very conflicted ...

I have done a lot or research already on different breeds and have made a very concious decision on golden retriever which i absolutely love and know a few from friends and relatives .. but couldn't get the niggling thought that what i really wanted was a st bernard. what i already new has been confirmed and my mind is at rest that the best for our family isn't the right decision

thanx to all

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