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How to help a dog settle and not bark at the TV

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mintysmum Sat 03-Jan-15 23:10:20

Our 18 month dog barks at the TV and seems really stressed by the noise of it. It has been this way for months but he used to only bark at the meerkats on that insurance advert and war films with gunfire and fighting.

TBH we did watch lots of war films in 2014 partly because of the centenary year but also our eldest DS became interested and he and DH have worked their way through lots and it seems to have been quite a bonding thing for them. Which is lovely but not for the dog!

He now seems stressed/barky every evening at something or other on the TV. Miranda really wound him up with her galloping and General laughter, wildlife programmes, news, any programme really. He leaps up from floor or sofa, barks then paces the room making a stressed noise. We try cuddling him and reassuring but he just gets more stressed.

Any training that might help? I don't know where to start.

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