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Advise about cocker spaniel pup

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AdiposeLoveMe Thu 01-Jan-15 16:46:51

I have, for years, wanted a dog and have decided that this is the year it's going to happen.
I have decided, after much reading, on a show type cocker spaniel.
Does anyone have any advise for a complete novice?
I'm undecided on whether to have a boy or girl.

MothershipG Thu 01-Jan-15 16:55:39

Have you found a breeder? Do you know all the relevant health checks for the breed? Often good breeders will have a waiting list.

You say you've done much reading so have you got all the practicalities of dog ownership sorted out?

Getting a puppy is so exciting! I'm totally jealous. grin

RaspberrySnowCone Thu 01-Jan-15 22:29:55

We have a working cocker but when we were at puppy classes another lady had two show type. Oh my life they were gorgeous, still barmy but quiter than my type. Lovely dogs, loyal, fun and energetic. Just treat as per a normal pup I guess. Show types need plenty of grooming though, they generally have longer coats. Check out cockers online, they have a well used forum and so you'll probanly get more breed specific info there.

hairypaws Thu 01-Jan-15 22:34:14

I too have a show cocker. Definitely ensure the parents have been health screened for the common illness (can't remember off hand what they are).

They are very clever dogs but can be stubborn so get clicker training straight away. Mine was an awful nipper until about 6 months, so you must be prepared for this, it is incredibly hard going when they shred you constantly.

Also as soon as they start to get out if there are older dogs running around playing, try to give your pup plenty off lead time to play with them. They will learn so much more from them than you can ever imagine, the pup will learn how to properly socialise with other dogs and therefore people. You will soon get to know the local dogs so you will be able to suss out which ones are suitable to play with.

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