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Taking puppy in the car after lunch

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mckenzie Mon 29-Dec-14 20:12:09

I'm just wondering how long I should leave it after he has finished his lunch before getting him into the car.
So far, journeys have all been fine, a small amount of whinging sometimes but not much.
I'd hate him to get car sick because it's too soon after lunch.
Am I being daft? He's nearly 14 weeks old.

LotsaDots Mon 29-Dec-14 20:39:39

Ours is a few weeks older and so far absolutely fine whenever we take her in the car, doesn't matter on feeding times. Although I do try to go for her walks before lunch, we have made journeys just after lunch

mckenzie Mon 29-Dec-14 20:41:20

Thanks lotsadots. That's what I wanted to hear.
I'd just read on line to wait 2 hours!!

basildonbond Tue 30-Dec-14 07:37:43

Our dog has only ever been carsick twice, both at times of massive stress (when he first came home from the breeder and when he was being looked after by my sister when we were on holiday). Other than that he's been absolutely fine in the car regardless of what time he's been fed

mckenzie Tue 30-Dec-14 07:51:52

Thanks BB. Thats good to hear.

KiwiJude Wed 31-Dec-14 22:26:49

Cor, two hours sounds a bit of overkill. Our eight week old puppy was car sick three times on the way home (65 minute trip, mostly expressway so no horrid windy travelling) when we picked him up. Sadly it has tainted his perception of car rides but we're working on that and he hasn't been sick since - he's now almost seven months old and travels regularly (most days) but is a reluctant loader.

He'd been fed not long before we picked him up if the contents of his first vom were anything to go by, despite us telling the breeders what time we'd be there so he could have his meal in plenty of time. The second time was more food and the third just bile, poor little man. Luckily we were prepared and had plenty of newspaper, towels, damp cloths and water, and his cage was high sided so everything was contained within the cage.

mckenzie Thu 01-Jan-15 09:09:05

Thanks for the post kiwi. Such a shame your pup's first experience of the car was so traumatic.
But good to hear he hasn't been sick since.

Gingerfudge Thu 01-Jan-15 09:21:42

Our pup was sick every time he got in the car till he was 16weeks, he's now 7 months but it has really tainted his relationship with the car. We only ever put him in the car for short trips to the park but he is still very reluctant. Hides when he knows a walk is in the off, runs to bed, refuses to leave the house etc. He really loves his walks when he gets there, but hates the idea of the car more and I can't believe how deep seated his feelings are and how hard they are to turn around. So I'd do everything possible to try to ensure my pup wasn't sick in the car because the experience stays with them.

mckenzie Thu 01-Jan-15 14:42:15

That's such a shame gingerfudge. I really feel for you and your dog.

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