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My cousin has been taken into hospital, only me who can have her dog...

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judydoes Wed 17-Dec-14 16:47:32

And now I have her 10 year old spaniel, with my (well DH's really) 10 year old Alsation/malamute cross.

There's nobody else I know who can have the dog ( I have asked) and at his age I'm reluctant to take him to a rescue. He's already been in rescue once for a year and a half before my cousin could adopt him.

I've only just brought him home now. I followed advice, they met on neutral territory and we took them for a walk.

Sasha kind of 'went for him'. But then ignored. Back home, he's terrified and she's nervous and panting and keeps antagonising him.

I introduced Sasha to my Mum's dogs some time back.This was okay, they sort of had a bit of a scrap, but then got on and have since. DH said this is just what dogs do, they won't necessarily hurt one another but they need to have that first bout of aggression to know where they stand. With the spaniel she's three times the size of him though, and I am scared.

Luckily we're both off work for three days now.DH worked last night late and is having a nap.

He said to feed Sasha first, then him, at opposite ends of the kitchen but other than that just leave them to it now.

judydoes Wed 17-Dec-14 16:53:16

Posted too soon, forgot to say point of the thread, has anybody done this before or similar with two dogs? Any advice appreciated.

SassyCandyCane Wed 17-Dec-14 17:00:18

Why would you take him to a rescue? When your cousin will be wanting the dog back? hmm

judydoes Wed 17-Dec-14 17:08:20

She can't/won't take him back sassy . I don't really want to air her business on here, but she won't be able to.

I really would like to make this work if I can.

judydoes Wed 17-Dec-14 17:12:29

He's somewhat neglected as I can see, his ears are matted and they smell. I am going to clean them when both dogs are more settled. Since I started this thread, he's just being clingy with me and she's very interested in him still but seems to be more playful than anything.

CatsClaus Wed 17-Dec-14 17:15:31

I'd let them sort themselves out, I am sure they will. it's mostly noise and bluster and precious little actual badness. It's like toddlers, all about positive reinforcement, ignore the bad and praise the good

I'd get new blankets for them both so no one feels anyone is stealing their bed/ or feels put out at having to use someone else's blankie

I'd also feed them at the same time, but not let either of them interfere with the other's dish

I'd be cautious about leaving them together unsupervised for a while just in case, but am sure all will be well before you know it.

Swingball Wed 17-Dec-14 17:33:54

How nice of you to do this.

My parents took my aunt's dog at similar age and we had a GSD of he same age. I can't say they were ever bosom buddies but they came to tolerate each other.

Also I have had a 'foster' here where there was a bit of argy bargy with my dog at first and the new dog was really anxious for a few days but they settled down. I personally would break up any scrapping. Just do what you're doing - keep everything calm and reassuring, and be vigilant but hopefully they will settle.

Hope someone experienced comes along. Good luck.

Swingball Wed 17-Dec-14 17:36:42

My dog and foster dog ended up having a bit of a bromance actually.

judydoes Wed 17-Dec-14 17:42:45

Thank you cats , swingballs . I have been trying to be very calm but I'm terrified of him getting hurt. DH says not to be (and gave pretty much same opinion as you both!) but said the dogs'll sense if we're agitated and that will just serve to make everything worse than it needs to be.

Thanks for the advice . I feel sorry for them both. Him because he's scared and her because she's not got us to herself anymore!

It's nice to know that the initial hostility is normal.

judydoes Thu 18-Dec-14 10:48:42

Things seem to be going okay today! They're both very food orientated so feeding's a bit of a battle if I am on my own, each goes for the first bowl that has food in it. But that'll get easier in time. smile

EvenBetter Thu 18-Dec-14 12:06:05

Just feed them in separate rooms, saves all the dicking around of nervously watching them and them gulping their dinners down so no one else can take it.

They'll both be adjusting and unsure of each other and their new routines, it'll settle down, they could end up mages, or tolerate each other, or downright hate each other, in which case they'll need to stay separate (rooms, baby gates) best to walk them separately at the minute, or at least give each one individual fun times like a quick trick teaching in the park or something.

EvenBetter Thu 18-Dec-14 12:06:23


judydoes Thu 18-Dec-14 22:09:29

Thanks for posting even . I've seen them have these spats with one another. The spaniel doesn't seem that bothered?Afterwards he's not scared or clingy, just goes straight back to whatever he was doing. I guess it's not as bad to dogs as it looks to us.

I am going to stay at a friend's house for a few days as of Saturday (until Monday) .I can leave him here with DH or I can take one of them with me. Decisions decisions-I'd like to take the little one with me as he's going to be unsettled still and I feel it would be nicer for him, but then we may be back to square one when I come back!

MarcoPoloCX Fri 19-Dec-14 02:05:44

They need routine so I'd leave them with DH.

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