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Puppy poo

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AvonleaAnne Sun 14-Dec-14 10:18:30

Sorry for tmi. Please could I ask for advice? Since our puppy arrived she has been pooing quite frequently and sometimes it is a bit loose. Not runny but not shaped (sorry!).

I spoke to the vet and he said it was normal for a puppy who has just
moved to a new home. I just wondered if anyone knows how long it should take to improve please?

Do you think it would help if we added warm water to her dried food?

We have also run out of the food she came with and when we tried to buy more we found out it is made by a shop near the breeders (200 miles away) and only sold there. So we need to change food too. We were thinking of either Lily's kitchen or James Wellbeloved. Are these good? Which would be best for firm poos?

She is very alert and bouncy so I am not too worried at the moment.

Many thanks for any help.

SinclairSpectrum Sun 14-Dec-14 11:11:40

My pup was on Wainwrights when he came to us but I have been changing him to raw - the improvement in, um, texture has been remarkable. Yesterday was first day of total raw and this morning we had solid firm poos easily collectable! I know raw looks a bit intimidating but there are companies who will send frozen blocks of the correct ratio of meat / bone / offal to get you started. DAF are good, quite reasonably priced and delivery is free when you spend £50.

AvonleaAnne Sun 14-Dec-14 11:28:10

Thanks Sinclair, I don't know what raw is (unless it is just means raw food) I will go and investigate!

tabulahrasa Sun 14-Dec-14 12:39:47

Out of those two foods I'd pick Lily's kitchen...

Any dog food should (bar food intolerances) produce normal stools...but it can be a sign of over feeding.

As you've already seen the vet, I'd expect it to have settled down within a week of coming home. (I wouldn't leave it that long without checking that it's not actually something more than just stress, but as you've already done that)

And yes raw just means raw food.

LoathsomeDrab Sun 14-Dec-14 16:27:58

Lily's Kitchen is the better of those two foods but it's very expensive for what it is.

Have a look at Millie's Wolfheart. It's great food (high meat content, grain free) and is really reasonably priced for a proper premium food.

This site is really good for researching dog foods.

AvonleaAnne Sun 14-Dec-14 18:19:31

Thank you for the advice and the link.

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