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Dog welfare report

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SunshineAndShadows Fri 12-Dec-14 10:35:47

I hope that the PDSA report doesn't apply to most of us here but the trend in dog behaviour issues is worrying sad

BabeRuthless Fri 12-Dec-14 21:22:17

I heard this on the radio and was a bit annoyed that they focused on the obesity rather than the lack of socialisation. My next door neighbours have two dogs which I've never seen be walked. It might be that I've just never seen them but I know a lot of the regular dog walkers and have never seen them out. If that's the case then those dog's world consists of the house and the garden and they must be so bored. Of all the aspects of dog ownership, walking is probably my favourite. The look of sheer joy on our girl's face when she's running round a field after a ball is amazing to see. How anyone could deprive their dog of that is beyond me.

Lonecatwithkitten Fri 12-Dec-14 22:39:39

Well, it is agreed by all the welfare groups that the single biggest welfare issue affecting any group of animals in the UK is the pet obesity epidemic. I would say around 75% of the cats and dogs I see in my clinic daily are heavier than their ideal weight.
Around approximately 5% of the dogs I see have socialisation problems.
The majority of owners are prepared to work at socialisation problems, whereas the majority don't see their pets weight as a serious issue.

BabeRuthless Sat 13-Dec-14 06:19:37

That's a fair point. It's just where I live I see a lot of aggressive and badly trained dogs but not many obese ones.

basildonbond Sat 13-Dec-14 07:21:09

I think we've got so used to seeing overweight dogs that we've forgotten what they should look like

Ddog is very lean - I have to be careful to keep his weight down as he's at high risk of developing arthritis when he's older. I'm constantly being told by well-meaning fellow dog walkers that he's too thin and I should feed him more. Our vet says he's absolutely perfect and our trainer says that every other dog in his class is fat - he's the only one who's the correct weight - and that's a class where all the owners are really committed to their dog's welfare

insanityscratching Sat 13-Dec-14 07:31:25

Eric without a long coat is scrawny and I've been told on walks that he needs a good meal to put some meat on him. But the vet says his weight is perfect for him so I do think people have a funny idea of how dogs should look these days. He's got more hair on at the moment to keep him warm so I think he is seen as a more acceptable size now he looks chunky. H'e not really a greedy dog though and only eats as much as he wants and sometimes leaves part of his meal so couldn't feed him up if I wanted to.

SunshineAndShadows Sat 13-Dec-14 07:57:39

I'm often told my dogs are too thin (they're not) and agree we have a skewed view on this

There are several studies linking a lack of off lead exercise with increased behavioural problems in dogs so whilst socialisation is of course essential, exercise throughout the dogs life is important for behaviour as well as weight control

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