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Bringing two entire males into a house where in season bitch has been

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fjalladis Tue 09-Dec-14 00:17:11

My pup is in the middle of her first season at the moment. I have recently moved to live with my mum for awhile so we are under her roof iykwim. Mum has invited her sister and her husband to come over for a pre Christmas meal in 2 weeks time. My aunt always brings their dogs with them cos they have a young pup and it means that they can stay a bit longer ect. Up until now this has been fine but obviously we can't let them meet this time for risk of pregnancy. So I will send my bitch to a friend for the day so she will be out of the house whilst they are here. But I'm was bit concerned that the dogs won't settle in a house that probably stinks of in season bitch to them. Pup has generally been quite clean but does leave the odd drop of blood about and whilst they have been cleaned up I'm sure there will still be scent there. Any suggestions to make it manageable and for us to all have a lovely evening without manic dogs?

fjalladis Tue 09-Dec-14 10:24:37


mrslaughan Tue 09-Dec-14 13:43:40

As the owner of an entire male, I would say that they will be frantic - the younger one (I think you referred to one as a pup?) may be bit more oblivious...mine when he was younger was bit like "that smells good, but Hay-ho", whereas now he would be constantly searching for the source.....

Maybe give your aunt the won't be able to get rid of the "smell" off soft furnishings so to speak, weaken it yes, but mine goes bit mad when he meets a bitch who is not in season, but has been recently, but hasn't had a bath since.

does that help?

digerd Tue 09-Dec-14 20:40:16

Most entire males will scent mark in the house where females are even if they are not in season.

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