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WWYD - neighbour's dog keeps escaping

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Fencing Sun 07-Dec-14 11:11:34

Pshyco neighbour have a dog. It has a dog flap so can go out when it likes. It has started getting into my garden - 3 times over the past 3 days. I don't mind but I have two rescue dogs, one of which is fear aggressive and will attack the dog if she finds it in the garden.

I haven't seen how the dog is getting in - fence is rotten but looks reasonably secure. It's 6 ft high and the dog is only a very tiny collie.

I ignored the first 2 occasions - 1st time, I had to do school run and it had gone when we got back. 2nd & 3rd time, between me seeing him and opening the back door to get to him, he'd gone.

So, today I put a note through next door saying I'd found the dog 3 times & wasn;t sure how he was getting in but thought it might be through the fence at the end & could they make sure the fence is secure so he's safe & so mine can't get through to theirs. It's THEIR fence (and she screamed at me once when I had my hand resting on it because it's NOT MINE).

Anyway, she came round, pounding on my door saying the dog can't get in my garden and, if he is, why am I leaving him and not looking after him? She was all shouty. My note wasn't rude or aggressive. In the end, I said that I'd have to call someone if it continued to happen (like the dog warden maybe or 101, I don't know). I don't want to cause trouble but I want their dog to be safe and to be able to let mine out without worrying. It's very cute. I'd actually happily look after it but it shouldn't be escaping every day.

WTF am I meant to do?

mrslaughan Sun 07-Dec-14 14:22:26

let the dog warden handle it.

Thats not how I would normally deal with it, but if they are rude and aggressive , I would leave it up to the authorities.

JoffreyBaratheon Sun 07-Dec-14 14:53:20

Dog warden, yes.

My old neighbour suddenly got 2 mastiff puppies. Our mutual fence was three foot high. She got them from a backstreet breeder so no home checks. It got to the point I was picking up 6 or more puppy poos in my garden every day. But we got on really well, and when I mentioned it, she immediately built a fence across the top part of her garden so they couldn't get in the lower bit.

If I was you, OP, I would contact the dog warden. If nothing else, they will advise but hopefully come out.

Our now neighbours are aggressive and threatening every time they speak to us. They have a scraggy black lab that has never been walked once in 13 months. If it sees anyone or anything moving in our garden it races to the fence and snarls and barks til they pull it away, shouting obscenities at it.

Now it has started howling when they leave it alone (most days). I am calling the dog warden. The only reason I didn't earlier was they treat their kids the same way as their dog and I suspect the dog is the only bit of affection and love those kids have.

But the howling has got so bad I don't think I can carry on ignoring. It is not very loud as they seem to be aware of it, so are now shutting it in the back bedroom furthest away from our side.

I don't know what dog wardens do and suspect they don;t have the power to take the dog away?

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