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Any tips please for introducing new puppy to my sister's dog?

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mckenzie Sun 07-Dec-14 07:11:34

My puppy cant go out yet (needs another 6 days) so she is bringing her dog to our house.
In the garden best? Both off lead and let them introduce themselves?
My sister's dog plays with other dogs nicely and has never shown any violent nature.

MostAmused Sun 07-Dec-14 15:38:39

meeting other dogs

meeting other puppies

I'm no pro but I followed the tips in these videos for introducing my puppy to others. He got a bit over-excited at one point and I took him away into another room to calm down and give the adult dog a break which seemed to help because when I took him back in the adult dog bowed and play re-started smile

mckenzie Sun 07-Dec-14 17:37:57

thanks very much. I shall have a good watch later on. I was busy keeping an eye on both dogs when your post arrived so have only just read it. It went well I think. they played endlessly, in the garden and in the house. It was quite rough sometimes but if ever I took puppy away for a break to calm down she just went straight back to my sister's dog for more afterwards. The puppy is currently collapsed on the carpet now though. I suppose when he was at home playing rough with his siblings last week they would all tire round about the same time but today, the older dog never tired and so the puppy just kept going grin

MostAmused Sun 07-Dec-14 18:39:02

Yeah trying to get two excited dogs to settle down and sleep next to each other is a goal I'm yet to reach! Glad they had fun though!

Dancingyogi Mon 08-Dec-14 06:32:26

Make sure you do a few recalls during play.

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