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NCbutIstillmightbeouted Sun 07-Dec-14 05:45:34

My dog (Max) is just over a year old, in the year he has been with us, he has been attacked 4 times by the same jack russell, twice by the same beagle and once by a golden lab.

After the second time by the beagle we started walking him somewhere else. The problem we have is we cannnot leave out road without walking past the jack russells' home.

Max is now agressive towards all dogs and now has started showing agression towards humans. I have a two year old child.

Max, now shows signs of aggression/anxiousnious (sp) towards, the wahsing machine, the grill when it spits, anyone coming down the stairs, lights in the front door etc etc etc.

We are working with a dog theropist (sp) and we were doing really well. He was starting to ignore other dogs, muzzle training was going very well.

This morning we walked round the corner to our house to have the normal jack russell attack Max. I had my two year old with me, the jack russell also brought a mate as well. In the end I booted the dog to get him away from us, the other dog did a runner and the owner ended up picking up the jack russell and chase after the other dog who did a runner.

I had already had a conversation with the owner the next time his dog went for mine, I would be calling the dog warden, which I still intend doing. But do you think it is worth having another conversation with the dog owners?

Quite frankly, I am now of the opinion that they should be paying my costs because they have made my dog so fearful due to their dog.

WeAllHaveWings Sun 07-Dec-14 08:55:47

JRT owner has had their chances already, report now. Every attack is setting back your training more and more never mind the fact the JRT is out of control when you have a two year of with you!

MarcoPoloCX Sun 07-Dec-14 09:58:47

Agree with the above about the JRT. Definitely report to police too. It may seem trivial but your child could be knocked to the ground. A dog doesn't need to attack ppl to be deemed dangerous. If there's a possibility of you getting injured in any way when protecting your dog or stopping the attack, the courts will see that as dangerous. You have to stress to them that you don't feel safe or they are unlikely to do anything about it. This is what I hate about dog owners, some dogs react negatively to other dogs but they only growl and bark. But if they attack, then they should be on a lead. My dogs were recently attacked. They were on lead and this big massive mastiff run across and started attacking. The owner had to hit and kick for two minutes before it backed off. It was the second attack from that dog. Even then the owner failed to acknowledge they were in the wrong and blamed my dogs barking on the incident.

NCbutIstillmightbeouted Sun 07-Dec-14 12:37:01

Thank you both, as I said regardless I am now reporting them, but since we live in a close, I was just not sure whether to have a chat.

As soon as the dog warden open tomorrow I will be calling

pigsDOfly Sun 07-Dec-14 13:17:21

I know you're going to report this to Dog Warden but I just wanted to add another voice.

I can understand your reluctance to report a neighbour's dog but the owner hasn't done anything about his/her dog's behaviour up to now so I wouldn't waste my breath trying to talk to them.

Get it on official record that their dog is out of control and that your dog is now fearful as a result.

My dog went through a phase of being run at aggressively by several dog a few months ago - I posted on here about it - and she started becoming fearful of other dogs, which meant that when she was on the lead she would bark and growl at every dog we came across.

Fortunately, we didn't have to pass the source of her problem every day like you so were able to avoid the aggressive dogs and she was okay in the end.

It's horrible to see your once happy dog changed because of some idiot owners lack of control. I hope you get it sorted out.

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