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Can anyone recommend a decent memory foam dog bed for my lurcher?

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bryte Sat 29-Nov-14 10:18:49

I'm forced to buy online but have no way of knowing if what I am buying is decent. Has anyone bought one they can recommend? Thank you.

hoochymama1 Sat 29-Nov-14 10:25:26

Well, brite, I took the advice on here, and bought an offcut from amazon and squeezed it into a cover from PaH. About 20 quid all told. Hoochypup lies on it and seems contentgrin

bryte Sat 29-Nov-14 11:15:03

Thank you. I did see the off cuts coming up on Amazon. I had a brief thought that I would make a cover but knew really that wouldn't happen. So, I might find a cover to fit an off cut?

hoochymama1 Sat 29-Nov-14 13:03:58

Well, the cover from PaH happened to fit! But they do their own MF dog beds. Pampered hoochypup also has an orvis bedblush They also make memory foam beds that are lovely. Depends how much you want to pay. All the best with finding onewink

ender Sat 29-Nov-14 14:09:43

We use these waterproof covers over memory foam offcuts. Great for dogs that get wet and muddy every day. Also use vet bed on top, more to make me feel better as both dogs quite happy to sleep on the beds without it smile

bryte Sat 29-Nov-14 15:51:56

She's not fond of mud or water so she's not a very lucky dog. She'd live a fleecey cover as she's s drawn to lie on my daughter's faux sheepskin rug! She currently has a dog bed that's become flattened over the past year and so sleeps on my daughters' bean bags pushed together with a blanket on top. But she falls off in the night and wakes my daughter to sort out the bean bags. So, she needs a bed she'll love. She's become awfully spoilt the past few months.

TheCunnyFunt Sat 29-Nov-14 18:30:41

My dog has both a 3" thick memory foam off cut I bought a couple of years ago off ebay along with a faux fur cover and he has a (second hand) 4" thick memory foam Orvis bed. He sleeps in our room at night (where the off cut bed is) and the night we first got the Orvis bed he didn't move off it for 12 hours, he slept downstairs all night! However good the Orvis bed is, there's no way I would pay full price for it, I looked it up on the site and it's an eye watering £289 shock

Get a good off cut and a cover, or even make a cover out of fleece and velcro to keep it closed!

LimeJellyHead Tue 02-Dec-14 19:32:04

The key is the depth and quality of the Memory Foam, if it is going to help your dog. You should be looking for no less than 5cm of actual Memory Foam at Visco 40 to 60. The support base is another important factor. Take a look at this article

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