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Neighbours dogs keep trying to wee on my dog!

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JustMe1990 Tue 25-Nov-14 19:23:33

Too disgusting.

they are elderly males, I have a chain link fence and they are always squirting wee through it into my garden.

My female went out today, she politely went to say hello to them, I called her back in and just as she started to run back to me they cocked their legs and I saw the golden stream narrowly miss her.

I think they got her slightly because one of her paws smells like urine.. shock


Utterly revolting, I can't wait until I get a 'proper' fence put in!

EasyToEatTiger Tue 25-Nov-14 21:37:15

They are using their wee to communicate. Dogs don't communicate like we do. Normal. We are pretty useless. We communicate through Dettol. Yum.

pigsDOfly Tue 25-Nov-14 22:29:03

I used to have this with my spayed female when she was younger. And you're right it is disgusting.

The dog concerned wasn't that old, he was a stunning rough collie and every time he saw her he would rush over and sniff her, she would lie down in a submissive manner and he would cock his leg.

Used to see him and his owners in the park but haven't seen them for a while so never really resolved it apart from yelling when he lifted his leg; it would distract him long enough for me to grab my dog - the first time he managed to wee on her back and useless owner just watched.

Everything I read about it at the time suggested that it's dominant behaviour, but don't know about that.

He certainly was a very full on dog, in fact his owner used to despair of him and told me was very difficult to manage - not aggressive just difficult and badly behaved, but my goodness, he was beautiful, still is I imaginesmile

Sorry that's not very helpful, but unless your neighbour is prepared to work on training the dogs to stops it a sturdy fence is probably going to be your only solution.

BMW6 Wed 26-Nov-14 18:43:49

Mine lays down on his back to let/invite a particular dog to pee on him blush

My DSis has 2 dogs and one of them will stick his head under a peeing dog.

I'ts all normal - get a fence grin

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