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Crating at night to stop barking

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RaspberrySnowCone Mon 24-Nov-14 18:10:40

Our Cocker (15 months) has recently started barking a lot at night. He has run of the kitchen and living room. We've tried shutting off one or the other room. If he's in the kitchen he sits and keeps an eye out of the patio doors/ window and goes nuts at cats/squirrels/wind etc and if he's in the living room he hears things at the front of the house - cars/people coming home from work (we are in a little cul de sac with shift workers around). I'm wondering whether to crate him over night in the living room to stop him rushing to the window to watch what's going on but he hasn't been in a crate for quite some time now, probably not since last Christmas when we stayed away over night. Never chews or acts in a disruptive way so we've not needed it.

He doesn't need a wee because we've done the opening the door and taking him out and he doesn't want to know, he has a wee before we go to bed. We've generally ignored him and he calms down but a few times a night he really goes for it. Do you think reintroducing a crate is just asking for more problems or might it be worth a go? I've read they can feel more secure but having taken it away and been fine for so long I just wonder whether it'll upset more than help?

moosemama Mon 24-Nov-14 21:04:00

I think you'll find if he was happy in a crate when he was younger, he'll be quite likely to take to it again, especially if you make sure it's introduced in a positive way.

If he's too overstimulated by what's going on outside to sleep at night, I think he'll probably appreciate the security of a crate.

I'd go back to basics and work through a positive crate training programme with him. You'll probably find he goes through it very quickly if he was crate trained in the past.

crapcrapcrapcrap Mon 24-Nov-14 21:45:10

I agree. If you can persuade him back into crate and make sure it is covered by something to muffle sounds and block his view outside, it will probably solve the problem.

RaspberrySnowCone Tue 25-Nov-14 08:19:35

Thanks both, we positively crate trained last time and he was happy in there so I'll get it out again tonight and put his favorite toy in with him. Im guessing he may have a little whinge tonight but would I if I got kicked off the sofa!

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