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Ok I forgot how flaming nuts pups are. Come give me tips (begs)

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Sorryconnectioncannotbefound Mon 24-Nov-14 08:33:25

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

needastrongone Mon 24-Nov-14 12:38:28


I think you might need to join the Facebook group 'Dog Training Advice and Support', run by Sally Bradbury. You can either post specific questions or peruse the files on there, which are comprehensive and use positive training methods only.

Have the rescue given any advice?

EvenBetter Mon 24-Nov-14 12:50:41

That Facebook group is all you need, ever! Look at the puppy biting files, they say so ending like puppies explore the world through their mouths, biting is entirely normal and they need to do it, you have to get their focus on to a toy rather than your hand, doing stupid yelping noises only arouses em further and they don't understand 'no', you have to give them something else to do.
I've read things about getting the dog to sit happily on a rug and eat a chew while you're having dinner, but your wee one is probably too young to do this, so just put her behind a baby gate, where she can go berserk away from your food till she chills out when she's older!
The screaming could be separation anxiety, or just puppy mayhem.
Join the group!

Sorryconnectioncannotbefound Mon 24-Nov-14 19:30:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

crapcrapcrapcrap Mon 24-Nov-14 21:52:00

The biggest reward is attention (including any sort of verbal response, pushing away,eye contact etc) so the worst punishment is removing it. Every time teeth hurt you, the game stops and you get up and walk away if required, even closing a door for a few moments if you need to.

Is she crying for your DD?

Sorryconnectioncannotbefound Tue 25-Nov-14 08:22:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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