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Dog started being aggressive with other dogs :(

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CrispyFern Sun 23-Nov-14 12:52:25

He was badly ill a couple of weeks ago and now he is home and better, he's started growling at other dogs and barking at them and even going for them. Not sure what to do. He used to play nicely with all dogs, we've never had a problem before.
I was out early this morning and thought nobody else was around so he was off his lead, then he spotted another dog off in the distance and ran over to it to growl and bark at it, so it isn't even as though he is just feeling nervous when they are close. His recall is usually really good too but this morning he wasn't hearing me at all.
I don't know what's got into him. I'm worried. He's only young, just two.

CleaninQueen Sun 23-Nov-14 13:17:47

I'd get a trainer in, I had a cane Corso that was fine with dogs until he was about A year old and had to be muzzled and on a lead it was a nightmare. A trainer will be able to help you best,.

crapcrapcrapcrap Sun 23-Nov-14 14:30:38

This is fixable but the quicker you address it the easier it well be fixed - leave it for a few months and it could become much harder to sort out.

Have a look on the APBC site for local behaviour counsellors who are properly qualified to help you. Loads of people call themselves trainers or behaviourists but aren't regulated so it's really worth getting and paying for someone good.

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