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Dog beds recommendations please!

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WonderIfThingsWillChange Mon 17-Nov-14 16:21:25

Hi! Last year I bought our for a tuffies bed, its amazingly comfortable and he loved it. This year we have added another rescue dog to our family. Shortly afterwards my husband lost his job. Things have been very difficult financially but as he has now found another job we hope to recover slowly over the next 12 months. I would really like to get our second dog a very comfy bed (1st dog has the tuffies nest) but can't afford another tuffies at the moment. Are there any cheaper, comfy alternatives? Or am I better to wait a bit longer until we can afford to buy him a tuffies bed too?

Hakluyt Mon 17-Nov-14 16:22:57

Er- whichever one she chooses. Usually the one with the hot water bottle and without any cats..........

bakingtins Mon 17-Nov-14 16:31:02

Just googled Tuffies and shock that a dog bed can cost so much.

My poor deprived dog has a £8 cushion/duvet type bed from local pet shop that fits her crate, topped with a £15 crate mat from Muddy Paws website which is fleecy one side and waterproof lined. It's easy to chuck the mat in the wash and not have to wash the whole bed. We have another crate in the car that just has a mat, but I think their main bed should be snuggly.

DialMforMildred Mon 17-Nov-14 18:43:53

My dog has a Tuffies nest - I don't plan on ever replacing it, but then I don't think I'll need to! He also has a basic plastic bed from Pets at Home with a couple of dog bed cushions in there - they get chucked in the wash and replaced every year or so. Am considering getting a Tuffies fleece cover/pad for it, to make it a bit more aesthetically pleasing.

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