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Puppy people, how do you clean your floors!!

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AmandaNov10 Sat 15-Nov-14 11:56:00

Please help me!!

Believe it or not this is actually totally stressing me out! We have a gorgeous 5 month old British bulldog pup. When we were housetraining her the dog trainer told me to use diluted biological soap powder to clean my floors because other cleaners contain ammonia and this smell like pee to dogs. So I did this, but everytime I think she's trained, all's good and go back to the normal stuff she goes back to accidents!! Ahhhhh!!!!

Please tell me I'm not going to have to clean my floors with this forever!! Seriously, I'm a bleach queen and I honestly stress out if my floors are not scrubbed everyday (I know, get a life your probably thinking!!) The soap powder just doesn't get them clean enough for my liking!!

I'm currently trying method floor cleaner which is a green bleach free floor cleaner but I feel when she has an accident on my tiles I just want to scrub the grout with bleach!!!

Please tell me how to you wash your floors!!!


EasyToEatTiger Sat 15-Nov-14 12:49:59

There is stuff called Simple Solution which you can get at Pets at Home or on Amazon, which kills the enzymes. Once you've dealt with the biological part of the wee, I don't see why you shouldn't clean your floor again with whatever you like. I have heard that using just bleach will only add to the problem. I imagine you just have to be a bit careful with any chemical cleaners that you don't end up making a bomb, or deadly fumes. Only a bit careful. I don't think many households need the help of the scientists at Porton Down after they've cleaned the floor!

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