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Introducing a cat to a chaser. How?

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Haffdonga Fri 14-Nov-14 21:10:45

Has anyone introduced a new cat to an established dog that likes chasing ??

DDog came to us as a puppy when StupidCat was already an adult member of out household. Stupidcat finally realised that if she stood her ground and occasionally smacked a nose, that the annoying bouncy dog-thing would leave her alone. They eventually became allies and DDog would protect Stupidcat from the neighbourhood bully cats. They'd even curl up together. DDog learnt that she wasn't allowed to chase her cat but she still thought any other cat e.g. that wandered into our garden by mistake was fair game. So she has been used to living with a cat, but just not any cat.

Fast forward 9 years. Sadly we lost Stupidcat to cancer earlier this year and our home has a cat-shaped hole. How do we introduce a new kitten or cat to adult DDog now she is a naughty neighbour's-cat-chaser?

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