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Can I have a bitch (lol!) about puppies please?

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TheHoundsBitch Fri 14-Nov-14 18:04:23

(Disclaimer: Dpup is doing really well, we are making loads of progress and I love her to bits, But she having a little regression atm and I need to go aaaaaarrrrgggggghhhh!)

Dpup bit me on the fanjo today (there was blood!) in a fit of excitement, then she bit the behaviourist several times. At least she got to see what we are dealing with when dpup goes bonkers <sigh>

She's also yakked all over the car a couple of times at the weekend, and steals cardigans and anything else not nailed down (if it is she chews it instead). She's terrified of traffic and won't go anywhere near a road, and pulls like a train on the lead, she weighs 17kg already so this is an ishoooo. And she's stinky grin
All these things are being worked on, but take time so I'm having a little scream at the relentlessness of it all!
Arrrgghhhh. Puppies are little buggers.

Also, any remedies for puppy carsickness?

moosemama Fri 14-Nov-14 18:25:55

We all have to let off steam occasionally when we're raising pups - perfectly normal. As you rightly say, pups are often little buggers - it's a good job they're cute! brew

The homeopathic remedy cocculus, is supposed to be very good for travel sickness in pups.

"COCCULUS - inability to open the mouth or swallow, drooling. An epilepsy remedy. Worse for movement, noise, and jarring,. Nausea from riding in cars, boats, etc. or looking at a boat in motion, so a travel sickness remedy."

If she's smelly, I'd look into her diet and see if it's perhaps not suiting her. Healthy pups aren't generally smelly in an offensive way. If the food turns out to be not suiting her, that could be having an impact on her behaviour as well.

NCIS Fri 14-Nov-14 19:10:11

What breed is she? Sounds very familiar from a year ago with my pup, he's now 16 months old and generally very well behaved, no chewing or nipping. I thanked the Lord for a crate in the early days though, not sure what I would have done without it.

TheHoundsBitch Fri 14-Nov-14 20:28:14

She a crossbreed, ridgy/bully/gsd according to the rescue, although the parents weren't seen. What's yours NCIS?

She's smelly because she likes rolling in gross things, and she farts a lot. I've never heard a dog fart out loud before I met her confused

She's just taken a chunk out of DH's stomach, then fallen asleep under the table. little sod angry

NCIS Fri 14-Nov-14 20:41:41

Border Collie, mine's on a complete raw food and virtually never farts but does love rolling in poo of almost any description although fox and cow poo are his absolute favourites.
Are you going to training classes? I've found them to be a godsend, not only for help and advice but for meeting people in the same boat.

crapcrapcrapcrap Fri 14-Nov-14 20:52:05

I'll share your aaaaaaaaaerrrrrrttggghhhhh!

DPup is a biting horror, and occasionally decides to lose the plot and launch herself at my face/shoulders/ears/back/boobs and sink her teeth in. Only when she's happy and excited but it still hurts like hell. She loves to chew (dining chairs, hall carpet, skirting board, car seatbelt, remote control - she's not fussy).

However she's at last (it's taken 6 weeks of intensive, repetitive training) stopped pulling on the lead and she is doing brilliantly with recall on the long line. And she's lovely when she sleeps <clutches at straws>

TheHoundsBitch Fri 14-Nov-14 21:39:49

We're starting classes the week after next, it's taken a while to find a trainer I like! We've been going to puppy playgroup, which she loves. She's pretty good with other dogs, although she does get told off.
Dpups recall started off great, but now if she sees another dog she won't come back. Looking forward to starting classes!

pantsjustpants Sat 15-Nov-14 06:28:11

They're like a baby, have to look cute because they're such little monsters!

Dpup is obsessed with puddles and ditches, she's smelly! And she farts....I'm changing her food soon.

She's terrified of one car. Ours! Which is a nuisance as I've been taking her to work but it's become to upsetting for her, and time consuming for me, that I haven't this week.

NCIS Sat 15-Nov-14 07:09:08

You'll love the classes although they're hard work. I do lots of classes and social training walks with my trainer. Today I'm going to a three hour session where we teach lots of games and have an hour controlled off lead in a totally secure area. We're also having bacon sandwiches, cake and coffee today all in aid of Children in Need. smile We normally just have coffee and biscuits half way through. All our classes are outside which makes it more realistic I think. My dog loves it and I've learnt so much about dog body language and when/how to step in when play verges into bullying.

Dancingyogi Sat 15-Nov-14 08:53:26

I think they just grow out of car sickness, ours did eventually but we were left with a dog who hated getting into the car because it made him feel so poorly. Taking him out frequently in the car to the park helps but it takes time. Dpup loves other dogs to a fault, it really affects his recall....I wish I'd insisted on more controlled meetings with other dogs rather than just letting him play.

MostAmused Sat 15-Nov-14 09:01:04

Our pup is a GSDxSpringer so is very mouthy from his GSD side but also quite soft mouthed from his Springer side. He nips clothes a lot but only mouths skin in play. It's getting very irritating but I've found consistency is the key. I don't get bitten much because as soon as he goes to mouth or nip I withdraw and say something sharply (I usually try to say Ah-Ah). My partner lets it go further before he stops it and as a result gets bitten more. If you look closely you might be able to stop her and distract her before she gets her teeth out?

If it carries on much longer though we're going to get a spray bottle with water in and squirt that as a distraction. Not sure how well this works though!

TheHoundsBitch Sat 15-Nov-14 09:07:24

Our classes are outside too, that was one of the things that appealed smile Instant proofing! Your classes sound great NCIS, I'm definitely planning on classes as a long term thing as much as possible (they are very expensive!). Because of her appearance I feel like she needs to be extra well trained!

That must be really frustrating pants, the behaviourist suggested that we have two weeks where we don't take dpup anywhere near a road and then start from the beginning as if she has never seen a road before and go really slowly. She's ok apart from the vomming when she's inside a car, luckily.

NCIS Sat 15-Nov-14 09:27:09

I pay £120 per month and that entitles me to go to anything she runs which is at least three events/walks per week. I normally manage them all so it works out as good value.

pantsjustpants Sat 15-Nov-14 10:26:14

She's fine once inside hounds, just getting her there! The behaviorist is helping but it's going to take a while...

crapcrapcrapcrap Sat 15-Nov-14 11:13:51

Please don't use a water spray - it won't work and may well make it worse.

bottleofbeer Thu 27-Nov-14 18:19:52

My staffy pup is mentally and physically exhausting me. You cannot take your eyes off her for one second or she's chewing. I won't even list the amount of things she's destroyed. One item so big it cost hundreds to replace. She is constantly going for my adult dog, there is growling going on 80%of every day. She's up the stairs a hundred times a day no matter how often you firmly tell her NO. She steals my other dog's food ( and he lets her) and she will not be created, she just whines until you let her back out. I am exhaustamacated.

JoffreyBaratheon Fri 28-Nov-14 00:35:14

Our 12 week old staffy cross has been a bit of a snapping turtle - but is definitely improving already; I distract her with a 'Sit!' and a treat then when she is calm will play calmly or have little training session.

If she won't calm down (That staffy zoomies time of day) she gets time out in the kitchen.

If she mouthes me rather than stop her I say "Gentle" and praise her. If she gets tempted to clamp down with those razor sharp gnashers, I then withdraw hand and attention. Have defo seen some improvement the past few days.

We got her from Dogs Trust and have 4 puppy training classes at only a tenner a go. Was there this week for the first and it was great to talk to other puppy owners and get some advice as well as start training. Her brother was there and he has been doing exactly the same as her with the puppy biting. Such a relief to talk to the calm, positive trainer and the other pup owners. I am going to have to find a good class near me when these end.

insanityscratching Sat 29-Nov-14 08:12:00

Eric is almost one so only just a pup and as much as I love him he's an absolute pest. Of course in lots of ways he's wonderful, he openly adores us and he's always happy to see us but he's a kleptomaniac and it feels like nowhere is safe from his prying eyes as he climbs like a monkey to get what he wants.
He has also got the days of the week sussed, so knows before I do what will be happening on any given day at any time and he chivvies me along with barks, whines, growls and snorts if I'm falling behind. He thinks he can talk and gets impatient when I don't know immediately what he says although I'm getting better.
Decided that I'd make him earn his keep and so now say "wake daddy or wake dc" and send him off to get them up in a morning (saves me going up and downstairs and he only ever gets up the person I say) and it's his job to empty the drier, if only he was big enough to clean the bathroom wink

CarbeDiem Sun 30-Nov-14 07:12:59

I've got an 11 week sharp toothed, strong willed little bugger too.

We are slowly making progress with the biting - she still does it and unless she's in her 'crazy hour' mode, she will listen to a firm 'No bite' and stop. If she's level with our faces and we say 'kiss kiss' she'll lick our ears or cheeks NOT bite - which is a huge improvement so I'm trying to use it to teach her to be gentle. Everything goes out of the window after I've had a bath though...apparently, human mama being dressed in a panther onesie with pink fluffy socks and pink cow slippers is puppy code for 'attack' smile

She's made really good progress with not jumping up to the table/on us when we eat. Before she wouldn't listen at all but now she'll circle the table with her nose in the air then stop and sit watching. I'll say 'No! bed!' and 8/10 times she'll go and watch us from there. Sometimes it must be too much for her and she will jump - I stuck/stick to removing her from the room on the 3rd time of her ignoring me.

I have a full length wooden framed mirror on wheels in my hall, or rather, I should say it HAD wheels - you can't call them wheels now as dpup has gnawed half of them off. She's also partial to biting the bottom of the coffee table too. I tried some bitter lemon spray but she doesn't mind it on the wood but it does work for electric cables and keeping her out of the back of the Tv/PC.
I bought her a huge one of those solid bones thingies, not the real ones, the ones that look plasticy - she loves it, will chew on it for ages and it seems safe enough as it mushes up when she gnaws it down enough.
Of all the toys I've bought her...her favourite is a homemade sock snake with a mouse squeaker inside, taken from a cat toy she obliterated (hope Carbecat doesn't read this ) smile

I've used a water spray on her and so far it's working. My balcony has a lot of flower boxes and plant pots and every time she goes there she's been eating the soil - she won't listen at all, just runs to the next pot if you chase her off, it's like crack to her. I was worried as A)she eats too much and has vommed more than once and B)I'm not sure what's in there, I know there's bulbs and I was worried they could be toxic.
I have a small bright pink spray bottle that she now recognises so now I don't need to spray her every time, sometimes she sees me grab it and decides to leave the soil.
It's strange because she doesn't do it outside, she'll have a good sniff, maybe pick up leaves but doesn't touch the mud.

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