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Feeling guilty...lapsed flea treatment

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Holidayhead Thu 13-Nov-14 19:16:51

I called the vet to ask when wormer is due as my phone is dead and all info stored there.
Anyway she said that I last bought flea treatment end of april and asked if we were buying elsewhere.
Well noooo...I knew that sometimes we were waiting 6 weeks but that means that if he had a treatment in May then he has gone 6 months with just two treatments. I'm sure that is wrong but she says that her computer is correct.

I feel terrible, dog is fine, no fleas but I know that advocate treats for other things so what if dog is ill and we don't know? Can anyone tell me how I'd know if he has anything wrong with him due to not being treated (apart from fleas)

I am a big worrier and I can't shake this feeling that I have let my lovely adorable dog down, has my life got so busy that I forgot to treat? I know last treatment was end of September and because he was being groomed 31st October I was waiting to buy more and now it's the 13th and it's two weeks late.

Thanks for listening and helping me.

Holidayhead Thu 13-Nov-14 19:38:09

Update...DH home and he said that he found a packet from my lovely precious doggy who was pts to in march 2013 and since it was in date he was using it.
He didn't want to tell me as he didn't want to bring up previous doggy as it upsets me.
So shed a few tears for my lovely bitch who got ill and vet pts last year and hugged precious dog and counted my blessings.
DH did say that he has been doing it every 6 weeks though. Is that ok as I know vet says 4 weeks.

CarbeDiem Thu 13-Nov-14 19:50:23

Glad everything is okay.
I find writing everything down in a diary helps me to keep track.
My cat has his own diary, obviously I update it smile

Holidayhead Thu 13-Nov-14 19:51:31

Thanks for the suggestion. No more electronic devices .... Back to my calendar!

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