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Vet thinks our lab has a mast cell tumour

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Nellymay Mon 10-Nov-14 20:17:18

Our 6 year old black lab has a lump on the back of one of his his back legs I noticed it when you're behind him when he's walking.
He had a routine check up today and the vet took some fluid out of the lump and said he'd let us know tomorrow what he finds. Well he rang at 5 to say he needs to do a biopsy on our lab as it's showing granulation and is a mast cell tumour - he's booked in for Friday morning --- so what next?? Has anyone else experienced this with their dog? Thank you

Frolicacid Mon 10-Nov-14 21:40:03

our lovely working cocker had a small mast cell tumour removed from her chest 2 years ago. She recovered well from the operation and they managed to get the lump and good margins from surrounding tissue. She is now almost 11 and we haven't had any re-occurance. She recently had seven lumps removed and none were cancerous.

I hope your lab has a similarly positive resolution.

KiwiJude Wed 12-Nov-14 04:52:54

Our boxer had two mast cell tumours removed, the first when he was about four and the second at around eight. (Apparently some vets refer to boxers as cancer hounds.) We had always been vigilant about checking him for any new lumps or bumps since he was a puppy and the vet always checked every new one just in case and never wasted time, ie surgery would be within the next 1-2 days. The second op knocked him around a bit, probably due to him being a bit older (for a boxer) I think, and he needed to go back to the clinic the night of the op for extra/better pain relief. All his lumps and bumps were fine for the rest of his life. Hoping for a positive outcome for your lab smile

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