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Sudden aversion to other dogs

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punter Sat 08-Nov-14 11:20:28

Punter lab has suddenly over the last 2 days stopped being interested in meeting other dogs, looks scared, tail down and avoids them. Very twitchy, looks as though he might bolt. This is just so unusual as he loves chasing and being chased and meeting everyone, people and dogs. Has just come off antibiotics for a tummy bug but was not affected like this during the treatment. Could it be the fireworks? Not scared of them but likes to be in garden to bark and watch them. Goes to doggy daycare twice a week but they can't think of any incident. I want my friendly bouncy 2 year old lab back! Should I just ignore and carry on as usual?

Ephedra Sat 08-Nov-14 11:48:12

Are you 100% sure your lab is well? If not I would take him back to the vets. A change in behaviour can be a sign that something is wrong.

You also need to ask the doggy daycare if anything has happened there. It could be something really really minor.

It is possible that the fireworks have spooked him.

I would go with what your dog wants when meeting other dogs. If he doesn't want to don't make him. If he is looking upset/scared about other dogs even in the distance I would turn around and walk away from them.

Try not to make an issue out of it though, you don't want your lab to think there is anything to worry about. Try not to act like you are worried about other dogs iyswim?

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