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For those who leave your dog to go to work, what's your routine?

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r2d2ismyidealman Tue 04-Nov-14 07:28:53

My schedule is changing in a few weeks. I have to leave a lot earlier in the morning so I will need to be more efficient work time. My own needs can be met with a 30 minute time slot but I'm worried about getting the dogs initial waking up wee, food, meds, cuddles, walk with consideration of the after meal poo. For those of you work time pressures do you have scheduling tips?

crapcrapcrapcrap Tue 04-Nov-14 12:55:15

I have often got myself, two children and a separation-anxiety-suffering dog to sort out in the mornings, including school drop off, childminder and getting myself to work. And with no car. So I might be able to help grin

We leave the house at 8.30am so I am up at 6.30, dogs out to garden for morning pee, children breakfast and dressed, cup of tea for me (dogs sometimes have Kongs to occupy them depending on chaos levels), make packed lunches. Then everyone dressed and out for a walk for 45 minutes (morning poos happen on the walk usually). Home and anxious dog goes into crate with extra yummy Kong for daily crate-is-a-wonderful-place training, I have a shower and get dressed. Then collect schoolbags/lunches/dog treats/extra Kongs for the day and we all head out.

For you, if poo always follows the meal, you could just feed before walking instead of after. Mine are fed mostly from Kongs so don't have large meals.

JulietBravoJuliet Wed 05-Nov-14 08:44:01

I have the same routine regardless of what time I'm leaving the house; I just get up earlier to accommodate. Dogs get a 30-45 min walk, so, on a Saturday when I'm leaving for work at 6.30am, I'm up at 5, pup goes outside for a wee, I feed them both breakfast and jump in the shower whilst they're eating, then make a cuppa, dry my hair etc. dogs get walked, I get changed, last chance outside for pup to have a wee, then in his crate with a Kong and a blanket over and radio on. Big dog has a Kong and the run of the house.

Fudgeface123 Wed 05-Nov-14 16:58:31

Weekdays I'm up at 5.00, take dog out for half hour walk, come home and shower, do hair, get dressed. Feed dog, let her out in garden for after breakfast poo. Have a play for half hour and then I leave for work at 7.00 ish. Mum picks her up at 8.30 and I pick her up after work 18.30

Weekends, up at 7.00, straight on the field for an hour with her doggy friends, home and then breakfast for the dogger

FluffyMcnuffy Wed 05-Nov-14 17:39:45

I get up, chuck the dogs in the garden for a play, clean up any accidents, make breakfast, let them in and feed them, then back outside again whilst I make their lunch and treats, then inside and 10 mins playtime before I leave for work.

Walker comes in at lunchtime and takes them for a long walk in the park smile.

r2d2ismyidealman Wed 05-Nov-14 22:17:05

Ok, some variety here but looks like near 2 hours. I was hoping to keep it to an hour! Will see where I can get oh involved.

Springcleanish Wed 05-Nov-14 22:56:50

OK, we are, up at 6.45, dog out in garden for play and toilet whilst I shower and dress, get kids ready. Dog in at 7.15, breakfast for all, make day kong for dog, and give to her as we leave at 7.30am. She is so excited to get her kong she doesn't worry about us going, and has run of downstairs and landing all day, where she hides her toys in random places, such as behind sofa cushions, in washing basket.

scrivette Wed 05-Nov-14 23:03:58

Ok mine is quick, up at 5.50, washed , dressed, wake DS up and plonk him in front of Fireman Sam. Walk dog for 5 mins around the block, feed dog. Make flasks of coffee/milk to drink in car, get DS dressed/clean teeth/wash face whilst DH loads bits into car. Door is open for dog to go in garden but he prefers to watch us rush around! Out of house by 6.50.

However I eat breakfast at work and DS eats breakfast at my Mum's/DSIL's

ggirl Wed 05-Nov-14 23:35:52

I pay a dog walker to take her out for a walk mid morning and a friend comes in the afternoon and walks her with her dog . I only work 3 days a week though .

FluffyMcnuffy Thu 06-Nov-14 10:43:07

Do you have more than one OP? My two play with eachother so they don't need excessive walking/playing with in the morning (also non active breeds), if I had one I would spend much longer with them before work. They also have a walker so lots of attention in the middle of the day before I'm home to play with them again.

r2d2ismyidealman Mon 10-Nov-14 01:05:29

This is helpful thanks! There are two and they are not active. Also, I'd left DH out of the equation so I've put together a conglomeration of your advice

6 - 6:10 out for a wee and feed them
6:10 - 6:40 do my shower, etc.
6:40 - 7 quick walk
sometime between 7 and 8 DH cuddles and gets them out for a final wee.

Dog walkers in the afternoons. And am contemplating a dog wee/poo tray as I can't bear the thought of them being uncomfortable OR relieving themselves!

antimatter Mon 10-Nov-14 01:12:24

4 am wee in the garden
4:30 - 10 min walk
7:30 - 20 min walk
3:10 - 10 mi walk
4:00 - 10 min walk
5:00 -10 min walk
6/7 pm - 30-45 min walk

This is all due to my work and kids going to school and when they are back etc

Kleptronic Mon 10-Nov-14 01:29:18

Wow antimatter do you have silent dogs, or live in the middle of nowhere? My neighbours'd lynch me if I got mine up at 4pm <jealous>

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