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Christmas - dog gifts

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NEScribe Wed 29-Oct-14 16:46:08

I saw a VERY long thread about xmas gifts on mumsnet but couldn't find anything doggie related so figured I could start a list smile

Have bought hubby a Ruffwear beacon dog light and a whistle as stocking fillers. Dog never comes to a whistle but it was only £4 on amazon and I reckon the failure is down to the training - but at least he will see the dog's bouncing red light as she runs the other way over the fields. I know you can get cheap ones but they fall apart in a week so I have gone for the expensive one this time. On amazon and ebay - has a flashing function too so you can tell dogs apart if you have more than one dog.

I have bought the doggie herself a pretty thick knotted rope chew toy. I know - it's not christmassy but the plastic reindeer lasted all of 10 minutes last year and my friend has the rope toy and her dog hasn't been able to destroy it. Bought mine from local pet shop but probably have them at amazon or pets at home.

Since I never know what to buy my sister (who has almost everything sad I am buying her an ultimate dog drying coat for Xmas. It's a luxury Italian towelling rug coat and a perfect gift for doggie owners.
My sister has a collie who is longhaired and it takes her ages to get her dry - even when she manages to hold her still long enough.
We have one of the towelling rug coats - going strong after 6 years and it's a great timesaver. pop it on after a muddy, wet walk and bob's your uncle. It's from Not the cheapest gift in the world but they have 10% off code running and it does last for years so well worth it. So soft and thick and cuddly - I want one for myself but I'm the wrong shape smile

Any other good gifts for dogs?

Scuttlebutter Wed 29-Oct-14 19:27:50

I can think of two excellent dog treat companies. The Doggy Bags Bakery have a lovely system where you can order a batch of their freshly baked treats to arrive every month. Or you could have a Christmas batch of personalised Christmas cookies from them.

There is also De Montfort's Delights who do an amazing Poacher's Moon cake for dogs (perfect for birthdays, gotcha days etc) and also do a Christmas version. Both businesses have websites, we use Doggy Bags regularly for our customers and the quality and customer service is superb.

I would also recommend Meggie Moo Collars - as far as I know she is the only collar maker who regularly undertakes proper safety testing of her kit. plus has excellent fabrics, and really good customer service. She does gift vouchers.

I like Stagbars as a gift for dogs - ours won one last year at a dog show, and they really enjoy chewing it.

NEScribe Thu 30-Oct-14 11:18:28

The cake sounds a great idea - I will check it out smile

Stagbars - do big pieces break off? We've had to stop giving our lurcher any kind of treat other than little biscuit/coachies etc because she has almost choked a couple of times. She just tries to swallow such huge pieces sad

Scuttlebutter Fri 31-Oct-14 23:30:01

We have four greyhounds and no breakage yet.

SistersOfPercy Fri 31-Oct-14 23:54:21

We've had a stag bar breakage, but it was a longer antler with a smaller side piece if that makes sense. My Scottie is a very tough chewer and can demolish one very quickly but he managed to get the side piece off.
He occasionally has rawhide and I make him spit out smaller bits so when he chewed off the small piece of stag bar he brought it to me and spat it out. I don't buy ones with offshoots on now just to be safe.

Pigs and cows ears always popular here, and he has a wonderful collection of bandanas for all occasions so I'll be buying him a Christmas themed one grin

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