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Royal canin gastro intestinal food alternative?

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frozenmad Wed 29-Oct-14 13:36:21

Hi, my dog has been very poorly for the last couple of weeks & she's been eating Royal Canin gastro intestinal as advised by the vet. This is quite expensive so I wondered if there's an alternative anyone can recommend? TIA

Hopeful2gofar Wed 29-Oct-14 18:58:54

Our dog was on this for a few months because of his pancreatitis. Once he'd been retested a couple of times and his levels of whatever it is they measure had gone down to a safe level, we moved him onto Burns basic Chicken and rice. Spoke to one of their nutritionists who was really helpful and gave me the rundown of which of their ranges were suitable. Worth giving them a call. It's still quite pricey though not nearly as bad as Royal Canin.

Don't know what's wrong with your dog but if he/she does have similar, it's worth paying out for the Royal Canin just for a while while he stablilises though. Good luck!

Notsoskinnyminny Sat 01-Nov-14 16:19:38

Our dog was on Royal Canin for a urinary problem until the vet said we could wean her off it onto a low protein diet. I asked in a couple of independent pet shops and they all recommended Burns, even the one that doesn't stock it. The Burns nutritionist worked out how much she'd need a day and the ratio/timescale to wean her off the RC.

The helpline is 0800 083 6696. I pay £8 for a 2.5kg bag compared to £17 for a bag of RC but because she has a much smaller portion than we'd previously been feeding her it works out about the same p/m.

frozenmad Sat 01-Nov-14 19:47:30

Thanks so much for your suggestions, I'll certainly have a look at Burns. Our 8 mo lab has had urinary problems - cystitis, thrush & juvenile vaginitus. She's lost quite a lot of weight & was unable to keep her food down until we switched to the RC gastro-intestinal. She still doesn't have much of an appetite, won't drink (we have to add water to her food) & can't pee by herself. Apparently it should fix itself after her first season but this may be a way off. I'm happy to keep her on RC for as long as the vet recommends but want to think of what to move her on to moving forward. Thanks again.

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