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Chihuahua puppy howling all night long.

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rosieposey Mon 27-Oct-14 19:55:17

Im sure this has been done before but i need some reassurance that this will pass and that our new puppy will get used to staying in her pen and Crate/bed overnight?

We have a playpen set up in the kitchen with a xxs crate in which we don't shut the door to so she has the freedom of her pen and the crate is her bed area.

She only came to her new home on Friday and is 9 weeks tomorrow so i am sure she is missing her mum and litter mates ( she was second to leave) She has come to a house with lots of noise, children older and younger, a 7 year old Chihuahua cross yorkie, and three cats. I did think when she got here how brave she is ( She is a Chihuahua puppy ) given that my Chi cross boy when he came to live with us was quite nervy - the vet said at her vaccinations this morning how chilled she is for a Chihuahua and i want to say how much we love her already its just we are all so knackered from her yowling the night away!

How long did it take your pup to get used to being on their own at night? It is tempting to bring her upstairs with us but i really didn't want to have her as an upstairs dog until she was completely housetrained iyswim?

rosieposey Mon 27-Oct-14 20:00:48

Photo of her and our oldest cat snuggled up.

mygrandchildrenrock Mon 27-Oct-14 21:07:36

We got a puppy a year ago and she cried for 5 nights, crying for longer each night, not less! Then on night 6 she stopped and has never cried or whimpered at night since.

rosieposey Mon 27-Oct-14 21:09:09

Well this will be night number 4 so fingers crossed ...

LoathsomeDrab Mon 27-Oct-14 21:11:59

9 weeks is very young for a chihuahua puppy to have gone to their new home, it's generally not recommended to let them go until 12 weeks.

She's still very young and it's a huge upheaval for her to go from being with her mum and siblings to sleeping alone in a strange place.

I'd either bring her upstairs until she's settled then gradually move her downstairs or sleep downstairs with her then gradually retreat back upstairs.

TheHouoooooondsBitch Mon 27-Oct-14 21:15:04

I slept downstairs with my pup for the first 4 nights, then she cried a bit for another couple of nights, then nothing since. Maybe spend one or two nights in the room with her so she knows you haven't left her?

rosieposey Mon 27-Oct-14 21:21:49

Perhaps i will bring her crate upstairs as it would be pretty impossible for me to sleep in the kitchen with her. Alternatively she could sleep next to me on the sofa in her crate.

I will try that tonight i think so as to give the rest of the house a bit of a break.

TheHouoooooondsBitch Thu 30-Oct-14 18:46:49

How's puppy doing at night now? More pics please I'd love a chihuahua one day smile

FuckyNell Thu 30-Oct-14 18:51:05

Can't she sleep with your older dog?

MiddletonPink Thu 30-Oct-14 19:54:26

Can you put her crate next to your bed?

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